Lomax Bible


Submitted November 9, 1996 by:
Jay Smith

The following extracts were taken from a Bible which formerly belonged to the Thomas Lomax family of Euphemia Twp, Lambton Cty Ontario, they came from Lancashire Cty, England c1853.

Surnames in this record:

Front Page: Richard Scoulcrofts Book 1790.
Thomas Lomax Book 1819.

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Anne Lomax B: 18 May 1822. D: 13 Jul 1872 at Dundas, Ontario.

Margaret Lomax B: 18 Dec, 1823. D: 25 Apr. 1837 [probably England].

John Lomax B: 6 Jan, 1826. D: 4 Feb, 1892 Euphemia Twp, Lambton Cty, Ontario.

James Lomax B: 28 Feb, 1828. D: 5 Apr, 1904 Dundas, Ontario.

Grace Lomax B: 21 Sep, 1830. D: 8 Feb, 1917 Dundas, Ontario.

Mary Lomax B: 8 Apr, 1837. D: 12 Dec, 1913 Dundas, Ontario.

[There were also a few death notice cards in the Bible referring to: (these deaths probably all occurred in Bury, Lancs, England)]

Mary Lockwood D: Sunday 12 Sep, 1841, aged 58 years;

Thomas Lockwood D: Sunday 17 Jul, 1836 aged 59 [card was sponsored by Henry Walmsley, maker of Funeral Biscuits, Macaroons etc. BOLTON-STREET, BURY].

Mary Ann Lomax D: Thursday 21 October, 1841 aged 7 years.

Jane Topping D: ? Jul, 1841, aged 22 years.