Mack Bible


Mack Family Bible

Submitted May 31, 1998 by:
Larry Rader

I have a lovely old (1819) Bible that was given my grand parents by a widow who had no children. I have
transcribed the old hand written family history information that is recorded on its family pages. I hope
you will offer this on your site.

Surnames found in this record:
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The Mack Bible

[On a page with Marriage at the top is written:]

Benjamin Mack born Sept 15th 1756 d Feb 15th 1831
m Jan 29th 1780
Nabby Lord b Feb 10th 1756 d Dec 15th 1828

Benjamin Mack jr b 6th 1781; d Mar 5th 1862
Judah Mack b April 24th 1783 d Nov 18th 1801
Terrin Mack b Feb 15th 1785 d Oct 1852
Sarah Mack b May 6th 1787 d April 4th 1850
Abigail Mack born May 22nd 1789 d Oct 1859
Eunice Mack b Sep 17th 1791 d Dec 30th 1814
Betsy Mack b April 17th 1793; d June 1865
Asuila Mack b Jan 22nd 1795 d Feb 1st 1897

[On a page with Children's Marriages at the top is written:]
Benjamin Mack m Feb 14th 1812 Abijah Shaw
Judah L. Mack m Susan B. Halt
Dec 3rd 1841 m Abbie J. Spear

Benjamin Franklin Mack m Sarah P. Craynes April 12th 1842

Rebecca M. Mack married Nathan L. Holt Sept 21st 1843
Laura A. Mack married Alonzo Thacher June 26th 1845
Alonzo S. Mack married Maria Pelton Sept 4th 1850
Isaiah W.Mack married Laura Spear June 30th 1851

[On a page with Marriage at the top is written:]

Benjamin Mack Jun born Dec 6th 1781 d March 5th 1862
Abijah Shaw Mack born July 11th 1789 d 1884
Judah L. Mack born Oct 6th 1813 d Sept 21st 1882
Bengamin F. Mack born Oct 18th 1816 d March 2nd 1875
Rebecca M. Mack born Aug 22nd 1819 d May 8th 1889
Laura A. Mack born Oct 13th 1821 d March 8th 1901
Alonzo S. Mack born Feb 15th 1827 d Dec 1900
Isaiah W. Mack born Aug 22nd 1830 d Feb 4th 1889

[A State of Vermont "Certificate of Death" for Laura Adeline (Mack) Thacher is in the Bible.
It shows she was born in Woodstock VT and died a widow at Sharon VT.]