Mandeville Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, Collins and Hannay,
W.E. Dean, printer. 1832, Volume Two only.
Hills #781.

This Bible is in fair condition. The front cover is holding
on by a single binding string. There is slight water damage
affecting the first few pages. There are also several pages
here and there that are missing.

On the cover is stamped "Joel Miller", but no references
to Millers are found within the family pages.

Internet sources place this family in New Jersey.

The last two pages (nine and ten below) are written in
the same hand, with the last date being 1888, so I assume
that portion was all written after 1888 (despite the much
earlier years, like 1740). Hetty Hopper's (Mandeville,
Polhemus) death is not listed, so it is possible that she wrote
this. This handwriting matches most of the other entries
in the record.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire, Returned to descendant Susan Leerstang .


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

David P. Mandeville and Caty Bertholf married November 8th
1806 --

David P. Mandeville and Hetty Hopper married June 7th 1827 --

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Cornelius T. D. Mandeville & Mary E. Rogers maried April 1853

Meritt T. Benton and Anna M. Mandeville maried November
29th 1856

Edward D. Bailey & Mary E. Polhemus married July 3d 1864

Sarah C. Mandeville and Sherman C. Lane married Jan - 1864

[Page Three -- Births]

David P. Mandeville Born November 9th 1768

Caty Bertholf wife of David P. Mandeville Born June 19th 1789

Maria Bertholf daughter of David P. & Caty Mandeville Born
April 2d 1808 --

Hetty Hopper 2d wife of David P. Mandeville Born October 10th
1808 -

Cornelius Thomas Demarest 1st child of David P. & Hetty
Mandeville Born July 15th 1828

Anna Maria 2d child of D. P. and H. Mandeville Born January
22d 1830 --

[Page Four -- Births]

Eve Elizabeth 3d child of D. P. and H. Mandeville Born April 2d

John Peter 4th child of D. P. and H. Mandeville Born Feb. 26th 1834

Sarah Catherine 5th child of D. P. and H. Mandeville Born February
26th 1837 --

Julia Euphema 6th child of D. P. & H. Mandeville Born April 18th 1839 --

Mary E. Polhemus born April 3d 1845

Henry D. Hopper born Aug 10th 1765
died July 7th 1837

Mehitable Vangelder wife of Henry D. Hopper born Oct. 23d 1774
died June 8th 1840

grandmother & grandfather

[Page Five -- Births]

Edward R. Mandeville born August 1855

Ida May [Eliza crossed out] Mandeville born May 31st 1860

Wilmer Hubbard Benton born January 22d 1857

Merritt Lott Benton born October 10th 1862

Hettie Maria Bailey born March 31st 1868

Lillian May Bailey born May 1st 1869

Minnie Belle Bailey born Apr 26th 1879

Florence Hart Bailey -- Feb. 17 1884

[Page Six -- Deaths]

John Peter son of David P. and Hetty Mandeville died
September 4th 1835 aged 1 year 6 months & 9 days

David P. Mandeville Died August 1st 1840 aged
72 years

Caty Bertholf 1st wife of David P. Mandeville Died
August 26th 1808 aged 19 years 2 months and 7 days.

Maria Bertholf daughter of D. P. and C. Mandeville
died 1839 aged 21

Eve Elizabeth daughter if David P. and Hetty Mandeville
died January 18th 1848 aged 14 years 9 month 17 days

Julia Uphema daughter of David P. and Hetty Mandeville
died January 3th 1849 aged 9 years 8 month 15 days 9

[Page Seven -- Deaths]

Sarah Catherine daughter of David P. and Hetty Mandeville
died Nov. 12th 1874

Henry D. Hopper died July 7th 1837

Mehitable Vangelder wife of Henry D. Hopper died June 8th
June 8th 1840

Hettie Maria Bailey July 28th 1868

Anna Maria daughter of David P. and Hetty Mandeville Died Sept.
8th [Aug 15th crossed out] 1884

Hetty Polhemus died Feb 26, 1895

Cornelius T. D. Mandeville died July 8 [12 crossed out] 1897

[Page Eight -- Back Flyleaf]


David Hopper born about 1740
Rachel Vanemberg
Henry D Hopper parents

Johnathan Vangelder
Rachel Conklin
Henry D Hopper
wifes parents

Grandparents fathers side
Jacob Polhemus
Elizabeth Acher

[Page Nine -- Added Page]

David Hopper born 1740

Henry D. Hopper
Born August 10th 1764
Died July 7th 1837

Mahettable Vangelder
Born Oct 23 1774
Died June 8th 1840

Henry D. Hopper
Mahettable Vangelder
Married Jan 1st 1794

David H. Hopper
Born Oct 2 1795
Died March 24 1858

Rachel Hopper
Born no account

[Page Ten -- Added Page Reverse]

Christina Hopper
Born January 11th 1802
Died November 5th 1830

Cornelia Hopper
Born Oct 19th 1805
Died Feb 7th 1888

Hetty Hopper
Born Oct 10 1808

Henry V. Hopper
Born May 23th 1813

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------