Mashburn Bible


MASHBURN Family Bible

Submitted August 4, 1996 by:

Dayna Cohen McMullen
Email: (Michael and Dayna McMullen)

From the Mashburn Family Bible that was owned by "Lizzie" (Hawkins) MASHBURN of N. Druid Hills, GA but has been restored and given to my mother, Sherry (Richter) Cohen as a Mother's Day gift by my sister, Carie L. (Cohen) Brooks and myself, Dayna (Cohen) McMullen. The Bible is in Springfield, TN in 1996.

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Surnames in this record :
Knight (Witness)
Robison (Minister)
Roberts (Witness)

--> Certificate:

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Warren E. MASHBURN of the first part and Lizzie E. HAWKINS of second part on dec 30th 1886 at home by Rev. W. L. ROBISON.
Witness: E.M. ROBERTS, Mrs. Kathie KNIGHT.


W. E. MASHBURN borned July 1, 1861 [Warren Edward].

L. E. MASHBURN borned Feb 10th 1866 [Lizzie].

C. M. MASHBURN borned Apr 28th 1890 [Charles Marcellus].

Sallie Mattie MASHBURN borned Nov 8th 1891.

Charles William BISHOP, Jr. born Jan 20, 1917.

Robert Marcellus BISHOP born Feb 27, 1922.

Charles William BISHOP, Sr. Dec. 6, 1891.

William Edward BISHOP March 6, 1915.


William Edward BISHOP died March 25, 1916.

William Cramer BISHOP died Aug. 20, 1922.

Kathryn BISHOP died Sept. 1912 [no day].

Martha C. O'SHIELDS died Jan. 4, 1930 ["Mattie" FAGAN?) HAWKINS].

Mace SWEATTE died Dec. 21, 1926 [Mary Jane "Mace"].

H. O'SHIELDS died Feb 1, 1908 [Harvey].

Kate (O'SHIELDS) TATE died Jan 15, 1964.

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--> [Miscellaneous notes]

Mrs. Alice Joyce (TATE) HARP died July 17, 1966--born Aug 6, 1917.

Mr. W. A. TATE (Bud) died Dec. 4, 1967 [William Andrew].

Mattie Kathryn (O'SHIELDS) TATE died Jan 15, 1964--born Aug 21, 1888 [Kate].

Samuel Alston TATE, Jr. born Aug. 1, 1927 died Feb 16, 1939 [Sammy].

Samuel Alston TATE, Sr. born Jan 1, 1890 died Dec 5, 1950 [Sam].

L. E. RICHTER born May 5, 1889 died July 5, 1958 [Leander, "Buddy"].

Zilla (HANCOCK) RICHTER born Feb. 28, 1882 died June 14, 1957 [Louzilla].

Brenda Dianne RICHTER born Jan 26, 1944 died July 5, 1944,
Daughter of Mary and Charlie RICHTER.

Janice (TATE) MEDLOCK died Jan. 4, 1985 [twin of Joyce].

Jessie Leo RICHTER died Jan 20, 1983 [Leo][s/o L. E. & Zilla].

W. E. COHEN, Sr. died March 22, 1973 [William Earl].

Annie Mae (RICHTER) LANIER died June 3, 1979 [d/o L. E. & Zilla].

Joyce (TATE) HARP died July 17, 1966 [twin of Janice].

Nora (WEEKS) RICHTER died Jan 2, 1985 [w/o Leo].

Mattie Elizabeth "Bebe" (TATE) RISCALLA died Feb 4, 1983.

A. H. "Bub" CHAMBERS died Nov. 7, 1958 [Arthur] [h/o Kathryn May (TATE)].

Charlie Linton RICHTER born Feb 25, 1911 [died Dec. 13, 1995, s/o L. E. & Zilla].

Mary Nell (TATE) RICHTER born Apr 4, 1915 [d/o Samuel, Sr. & Kate].

Sherry Ann RICHTER born May 9, 1936 [d/o Mary & Charlie].

William Earl COHEN, Jr. born Nov. 24, 1928 [Bill].

Sherry & Bill married March 19, 1955.

Dayna Lori COHEN born Dec. 29, 1956 [d/o Sherry & Bill].

Carie Lisa COHEN born Aug. 30, 1962 [d/o Sherry & Bill].

Chanse BROOKS born July 2, 1987 [s/o Carie & Doug].

Donna Gayle RICHTER born Jan. 20, 1946 [d/o Mary & Charlie].

William Mondard WHITTED married Gayle [no date].

Dori Janelle WHITTED born Dec 22, 1965.

Alan McDONALD born May 30, 1987 [s/o Dori].

Donna Lynn WHITTED born Dec 29, 1968.

William Monard WHITTED, Jr. ("Monnie") born June 15, 1971.


Dayna Cohen McMullen
Listowner of following surnames: Hancock,
Hendricks, Hill, Polk, Richter, Tate, Tucker