Matteson Bible

This Bible was purchased at auction on eBay.
I am not related to these people. If you are
descendant, especially of Lorenzo C. Matteson,
please contact me.

H.& E. Phinney's Stereotype Edition, Cooperstown,
N.Y., 1832. This copy is is in fair condition. The
binding and covers are intact, but ready to split.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
. This Bible was returned to descendant
Hooper Skardon, of Simpsonville, South Carolina.


TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

[Page One -- Wriiten on Inside Front Cover]

This Was Elisha Matteson's Bible My Grandfather L. C. Matteson

[Sticker With Writing] To REMAIN IN IN [sic] Lorenzo
C. Matteson's Family 214 Winslow Street, Watertown N.Y.

Mother! Gave me this Bible in 1915.

This Bible Grandfather Elisha Matteson and his wife Chloe Austin,
Matteson of Dorcel, Bennington Co, Vermont "owned" Moved
to East Hounsfield, N.Y. in 1807-- Married May 15th 1802.
They had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

as follows -- Son Peleg Matteson 1-
------------Son Austin Matteson 2-
-----------Son Elisha Matteson 4-
----------DaughterTamson Marie Matteson 3-

Elisha A. Matteson and Sarah A. Wever Matteson are Lorenzo
C. Matteson -- Parents --Date 1924

[Page Two -- Title Page]

L.C. Matteson's Mother's Writing [toward top, not referring to anything
else written]


N.Y. (1847--) (BORN) [no close quotes]

[Page Three -- Family Record Marriages]

[The family record has may very old entries looking as if they date
early to mid 1800's. Near the bottom of the last three pages are
pencil entries, looking to match the handwriting in the front (which
was dated 1924]

Elisha Metteson was married to Chloe Austin Both of Vermont
Dorset May 15th 1802

Peleg Matteson was married to Lydia A. Chappell in Oswego
Dec 31st 1829

Austin Matteson was married to Almyra Field in Hounsfield Oct
26 1826

Tamson M. Matteson was married to Samuel Wm Field of
Hounsfield Feb 4th 1839

Elisha A. Matteson was married to Sarah A. Weaver in Hounsfield
Oct 4th 1840


Hattie L. Matteson was married to Jno E Williams of Chicago by
Rev Gordon July 13, 1870

Celestine M. Matteson was married to O. M. Green of
East Houndsfield June the 13 1866

Jennie E. Matteson was married to John H. Hudson of
Janesville, Wis June the 14 1866

Wm. P. Matteson married to Ada Grout of Chicago 20th
of Jan 1866

Lorenzo C. Matteson was married to Cora M. Ryder of
High Bridge [illegible] Jan 27th 1875

Julia E. Matteson married James W. Wakefield Dec 22 1887

Clark Matteson to Julie Dunsford of [illegible] Aug 1st 1878

[Page Four -- Family Record Births]

Elisha Matteson Born December the 22, 1779
Chloe Matteson Born February the 10, 1781
Peleg Matteson Born April the 18, 1803
Austin Matteson Born February the 27, 1805
Tamson M. Matteson Born February the 16, 1817
Elisha A. Matteson Born August the 21, 1819
Almira Matteson Born March the 7, 1824
Edwin F. Matteson Born August the 8, 1827
Alanson Matteson Born July the 25, 1829 73 yrs [different writing]
Adaliza Matteson Born Sept the 2, 1831
Eunice M. Matteson Born March the 23, 1834
Sumner W. Matteson Born March the 7 1836
Lorenzo C. Matteson Born October 21, 1847
Susan Matteson Born Nov 23 1842
Sarah A. Matteson Born Sep 17th 1823
Elisha Matteson Senior Came to Jeff Co
1807 + purchased his 3 farms at Hounsfield

[Page Five -- Family Record Births]

Peleg Matteson Born April 18th 1803
Lydia Matteson Born July 12th 1804
Eunice Maria Matteson Born Sept 17th 1830
Wm Peleg Matteson Born April 22 1832
Elisha Jason Matteson Born March 29, 1834
Elisha Joseph Matteson Born Oct 8th 1835
Chloe P. Matteson Born July 23, 1839
Harriett Louis Matteson Born Oct 8 1841
Emma Jane Matteson Born June the 15 1845
James Alford Matteson Born 15th Aug 1847
Eva J. Tooley F. A. Matteson's wife

Joseph Chappell
James "
William "
Alfred "
--Brothers of Lydia Chappell --

Family E.A. Matteson and wife and Sarah A Wever
East Hounsfield
Celestine M. Matteson Oct 5 1844
Lorenzo C. Matteson Oct 21 1847
Clark R. Matteson Apr 11 1856
Julia A Matteson Dec 25 - 1854

Family of Lorenzo Matteson and Cora M Ryder
Watertown, N.Y.
Grace A. Matteson July 15, 1881
Frank A Matteson May 4, 1884
Sumner R. Matteson June 18, 1895

[Page Six Family Record Deaths]

6 Infant Children, Died of E. Matteson
and Chloe Matteson

Elisha Matteson Died January 25 1856 at
home in Hounsfield aged 77

Chloe Matteson died in East Hounsfield May
16 1862 aged 87

Peleg Matteson died Feb 12 1877 aged
74 years

Lydia A. Matteson died March 28th aged
75 8 months Born 1807 Died 1883

Austin Matteson -- Died Feb 29th 1884 Age
79 years in Decorah Iowa

Tamson M. Field died July 27th at Decorah Iowa
1895 aged 78 years

Almira Matteson died Dec 9 1906 aged 82 years

Cora Ryder Matteson Died July 6 1927

Eunice Maria Matteson Died July 17th 1832
at Hounsfield

Elisha Jarome Matteson Died Sept 12th 1836
at Rochester

P. Matteson Children

"1863" Susan Matteson died Jan 24th at Brownville
1863 aged 22 years

add Adaliza Matteson died

Jane Emma died Sept 27 aged 21

Elisha J. Matteson died 29th Nov aged 23

Eunice M. Matteson (Conkey) Died Dec 20th 1865
Aged 32 years In Preston, Min.

Elisha A. Matteson died at Watertown Sept 28
1888 aged 68 years.

Edwin Matteson died at Decorah Iowa Jan 28 1889 aged 62

Sumner Matteson died St Paul Min. July 22d 1895
=59 Years

Sumner R. Matteson killed Oct 6 1918

Sarah Wever Matteson Died Dec 16, 1915

----------END OF TRANSCRIPT-----------------

Included is a political cartoon

Also included in Bible is a full page article on Walter C. Matteson
and his activities organizing a sporting event. From the
Utica Saturday Globe, July 30, 1921