McCluen Bible Pages

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It looks like an early to mid 19th
century page. It is a single Bible page, trimmed down,
with a couple old newspaper clippings pinned on and
a page of deaths from another source pinned on.

This family appears to be from PA.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front, Titled Marriages]

George R. McCluen and Mary Anna Smedley were married
11 mo. 5th 1846

Isaac Smedley and Amy Cox were married 1810.

PLANT -- SMEDLEY -- On the 20th nit., at the residence of the
bride's grandmother, by the Rev. L. Hartman. Mr. B. FRANK
PLANT ti Miss LILIE SMEDLEY, only daughter of the late Jesse
K. Smedley, Esq., both of this city. [clipping]

[The following are written on a piece of paper pinned to the page]

Esther Rogers departed this life 1816
Isaac Smedley " " " 6 mo. 1822
Benjamin Smedley " " " 12 mo. 1824
John Smedley " " " 10 mo. 1825
Thomas D. Smedley " " " 8 mo. 1837
Jacob Smedley " " " 10 mo. 1837
Mary Lamborn " " " 2 mo. 1857
Susanna Hood 12 mo. 18th 1858

[Page Two -- Back, Titled Births. NOTE: Below, the original years for
the births of Harriet, William and Anna Mary were obliterated
and the years 1847, 1850 and 1853 pencilled in]

George R. McCluen was borne 11 mo. 26th 1811.
Mary Anna McCluen was born 8th mo. 1st 1813

Harriet J. McCluen daughter of George and Mary Anna McCluen
was born 9 mo. 30th 1847

William S. McCluen Son of George and Mary Anna McCluen
was born 7 mo. 7th 1850

Anna Mary McCluen daughter of George and Mary Anna
McCluen was borne 3rd mo. 14th 1853

aged 44 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services on Saturday at 12:30 o'clock,
at ?? residence, No. 1942 North Twenty-first Street. Interment private
at Hillside Cemetery. [clipping]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------