McMillin Bible

This entry was submitted by Kaye Chung,

This Bible was returned to a descendant.

"I saved a Bible from being discarded that I found when I was putting together a library for
my Church. I have tried to find a family member to no avail. I have even put together a small family tree with the names in the Bible that tied together with the 1880 Census records.

This Bible was found in a Library in a Church in Portland, Oregon. I
saved it from being discarded. It is very old and the paper is starting to
fall apart the binding is bad. This Bible is not pretty to look at but I
would really like to place it in the hands of a direct descendant of
either the Diggs or McMillin family."



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Holy Bible,

Published by Thomas Mason & George Lane
for the Methodist Episcopal Church, At the Conference, 200 Mulberry Street,
James Collord Printer

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William McMillin was born March the 1st Day 1783

Sarah McMillin was born August the 9th 1784

Sarah J Daty was born January the 14th 1834

Will Martin Daty was born February the 15th 1838

Rabeehar McCay was born January 22nd 1830


William McMillin was Maried to Sarah L John in 1803 September the 26th

Thomas Diggs was Maried to Jane McMillin January the 20th 1831

William ( ) to Nancy McMillin February the 16th 1859

Edward H Diggs was marriade to Martha E Jacobs November the 14 1860

Thomas J Diggs was marriade to Ellen Sitton March 4th 1869

Benjamin F Diggs was marriade to Sallie M Bunnell Septermber 22nd 1869

John D Tinder was married to Sarah E Diggs January 6th 1870

Henry H Diggs was maried to Nannie M Doty November the 15 1876


Robert McMillin was born August the 10th 1806

Susan McMillin was born January the 24th 1808

John McMillin was born December ye 26th 1809 and departed this life
September the 8th 1816

Jane McMillin was born June the 12th 1812

Margret McMillin was born 30th of May 1814

Ephrein McMillin was born Oct the 8th 1816

David McMillin was B July 15 1819

Polly M McMillin was Born November the 11th day 1821

Nancy D McMillin was born August the 12 1824

Eli L.J. McMillin was Born January the 1st day 1828

George T Diggs was Born August the 4 1861

William T Diggs was Born Nov 21 186?

Sallie Ann Diggs was Born June the 27 1865

Henry H Diggs Born September 2nd 1840

Edward H Diggs was born april the 20th 1833

David M Diggs was Born August the 6 AD 1835

William C Diggs was born February the 11 AD 1840

Benjaman F Diggs Was Born May the 2 1843

Thomas J Diggs Was Born April the 15 1846

Effie M Diggs was Born November 23 1871

Susan M Diggs Was Born July the 15 1849

Sarah E Diggs Was Born January the 7 AD 1852

Marthey E Diggs Was Born February the 27 1841

Sallie M Diggs Was Born December 25 1845

Ellen J Diggs Was Born February the 11 1850

John David Tinder Was Born May the 18, 1846

Willie Ambros Tinder was born October 13, 1871

David M Tinder was born June 23, 1878


Sarah McMillin Wife of Wm. McMillin Departed this life the 25th Day of
December 1842 Aged, 58 years and 5 months

Wm McMillin Departed this life on the 18th Day of September in the year of
1844 His age was 61 years 6 day

Robert McMillin Departed this Life on 3 day of February 1898 His age 81
years 5 months and 23 days

Ellen Diggs died Sept 8th 1875

Edward H Diggs Died March 6 1877

Susan M Diggs died July the 6th 1863

David M Diggs died January the 6th 1865 his age 29 years 6 months

Agnes Diggs died Nov the 5th 1873

Sallie M Diggs died April the 27th 1875 her age 29 years 3 months 28 days

Harri Diggs died December the 4th 1875 his age 4 years 3 months 2 days

Charles E Diggs died March the 8th 1876

Jane Diggs died April the 2nd 1890

Benjmin F Diggs Died Oct 23, 1895

Thomas Diggs died March the 10th 1888

George T Diggs Died Feb 1st 1896

Henry Harrison Diggs ( Uncle Lippie) Died May 17, 1924

William C Diggs Died July 16, 1924

Thomas J Diggs Died July 20, 1928

[Addendum: Biography of Thomas Diggs]

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