Mills Bible

The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
New York, American Bible Society, 1868.

This Bible is in poor shape, missing many pages including the
OT title page, and the front and back covers attached. There
are several mementoes, including locks of hair and obituaries
included. The text of the obituaries (which I did not transcribe,
but are scanned) yields the following information:

The Mills family lived in Ashtabula Ohio at the time Mary
Mills was born (1873).
The Fittinger Family lived in or near Detroit, Michigan.
Maggie May later married John Goodchild.
Another Mills daughter, either Sadie or Bertha, married
John Pike.

Two obituaries of Mary Fittinger (nee Mills)
Obituary of Mrs. John Pike
Obituary of James Gibson, of Vassar, Michigan, whose relation
to this Bible is not apparent.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Family Record]

Married by Mr Lon Frank Mills to L??a Johnson March 20th
1870 [wife's name looks like Livia, Luna or possibly Laura]

[Page Two -- Family Record]


Mary Eliza Mills born March 6th 1873

John Clarence Mills born August 16th 1875

Bertha Alice Mills born March 4th 1878

Maggie May Mills born February 13th 1883

Sadie Ellen Mills born Sept. 11 1891.

[Page Three -- Family Record]

Married By
Rev. B. Reeves Herman Fittinger To Mary Mills
July 4, 1892.


Bertha Frances Fittinger born April 27, 1893.

Edna Louisa Fittinger born June 1 1895.

Edna Louisa Fittinger died Feb. 14 - 1898.

Luella Etta Fittinger Apr. 13 - 1901

Vernor Louis " " Feb. 6 - 1905

[Page Four -- Family Record]


Sister Kate died Jan. 20. 1912

Frank died Dec 3 1924

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