Montgomery Bible



Submitted by Stuart Wright (Chair)
Brant County Branch OGS
PO Box 23030, Eaton Market Square
Brantford, ON
N3T 6K4

This Bible was donated to the Brant County Branch, OGS by
Mr. William HARLEY, of Harley, Brant County, Ontario.
Mr. Harley was given this Bible by the granddaughter of
Edith Nobella MONTGOMERY. Also donated with this Bible
were letters written by and to various members of the
MONTGOMERY and HARLEY families, some dating back to the
mid 1800's


MacKenzie [clergyman]
Usher [clergyman]

--=First Page

Certificate of Marriage.

This is to Certify.
That Noble MONTGOMERY of Brantford, Ontario and Alice
MORGAN of Brantford, County of Brant, Ontario
were by me united together in
Holy Matrimony
on the twenty First day of July, in the Year of our Lord,
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Eight
In the presence of
James USHER (Clergyman)

[The church is not named, but believed to be Grace
Anglican Church, this can be checked with data at
the Brant County Branch OGS Library]

--=Second Page


Noble MONTGOMERY. born November 15th 1816 Ireland
Alice MORGAN, born March 3rd 1828 Ireland

Jane MONTGOMERY born October 19th 1849 Brantford
Robert MONTGOMERY born February 19th 1851 Brantford
Alice MONTGOMERY born August 1st 1852 Warwick
Harriett MONTGOMERY born July 2nd 1854 Brantford
James Noble MONTGOMERY born September 15th 1856 Brantford
Maggie MONTGOMERY born October 27th 1858 Warwick
Eliza Morgan MONTGOMERY born January 20th 1861 Brantford
George William
MONTGOMERY born February 15th 1862 Brantford
Eliza Morgan MONTGOMERY born March 31st 1865 Brantford
Edith Nobella MONTGOMERY born October 23rd 1867 Brantford
Albert Edmund MONTGOMERY born October 10th 1869 Brantford

Grandchildren of Edith Nobella and Albert HARLEY
Alice Nobella HARLEY born June 1st 1902 Brantford
Margaret Aileen
HARLEY born September 4th 1908 Brantford

[A notation on the side of the page states]
Albert HARLEY son of James - Farmer

--=Third Page


Albert E HARLEY, Brantford, Ontario, and Edith Nobella
MONTGOMERY, Brantford, Ontario
were united together in Holy Matrimony
Satuarday October 28th 1899
By- Rev Dr Mackenzie
Rector of Grace Church, Brantford.

--=Fourth Page


Noble MONTGOMERY died April 27th 1899 Brantford
Alice Morgan MONTGOMERY died July 13th 1909 Brantford

Jane MONTGOMERY died July 31st 1850 Brantford
Robert MONTGOMERY died July 31st 1851 Brantford

Harriett MONTGOMERY died April 5th 1856 Brantford
James Noble MONTGOMERY died July 13th 1866 Brantford

Eliza Morgan MONTGOMERY died December 21st 1862 Brantford
George William
MONTGOMERY died December 27th 1906 Hamilton
Margaret MONTGOMERY died July 14th 1912 Burford Dist.
Eliza Morgan MONTGOMERY died April 4th 1925 Burford Dist.
Alice Montgomery POLLARD died March 17th 1930 Burford.