Morrow Bible


Morrow Family Bible

Submitted January 1997 by:
Thomas S. Rue
PO Box 706
Monticello NY 12701 USA

Whereabouts of the original bible are unknown, perhaps with a descendant of Montraville
Morrow; or the Cordie and Erma M. Parrish family in the vicinity of Detroit, Michigan.

This transcript is taken from two pages of photocopies made for me in 1976, by Erma
Maude Morrow Parrish, daughter of Montraville Morrow and Mary Catherine Burton Morrow. The pages appear to be
in two different handwritings. The page headed "BIRTHS" appears to be in the same hand as the first portion of
"DEATHS" page (up to and including the entry "Effie Morrow died Jan. 31, 1886.")

James Alphus Morrow (given as J.A. Morrow) is my great-great grandfather, through his
daughter Clara Ada Morrow (given as Clarie Morrow)


Surnames found in this record:

J.A. Morrow born Dec. 26, 1846
Martha Belle Morrow born July 6, 1865
Mary Morrow born Jan. 18, 1886
Clarie Morrow born Jan. 1, 1889
Walter Lafayett Morrow born Dec. 10, 1892
James Clyde Morrow born June 20, 1895
Eunice Morrow brn April 8, 1897
[blank line]
Montraville Morrow born Nov. 23, 1871
Robbert H. Morrow born March 23, 1875
Effie Morrow born Nov. 20, 1876
Herbert H. Morrow, born Sept. 3, 1883

Mary C. Morrow died April 5, 1884
May Morrow died June 3, 1906 [1905 struck out]
Effie Morrow died Jan. 31, 1886
James A. Morrow died Nov. 29, 1917
Martha Belle Morrow died May 29, 1925
Herbert Morrow died Dec. 5, 1945
M.V. Morrow died Oct. 25, 1946
Walter L. Morrow died Sept. 3, 1952
Clara A. Morrow, died Feb. 9, 1955
James C. Morrow, died March 12, 1967