Mutart Bible

This Bible was submitted by David McAfee.

Transcription from Mutart Family Bible

Source: Alex Meron

Transcription: David McAfee

Note: Alex Meron is a Local Genealogist in the Schoolcraft County area of Michigan. She stated that she came across this bible in the remains of an old house. I am transcribing from a Xerox copy.




Annie K. Pence Born Jan 10, 1878

Catherine L. Crawford Born March 13(?) Year 1880

Hattie M. Pence Born June 1, Year 1880

Fredrick L Pence Born Sept 21 Year 1883

Sarah C. C. McGregor Born July 8th Year 1882

Caroline Avery McGregor Born Sept 28: 1853

C.H. McAfee McGregor Born Year 1851

J.W. McGregor Born June 12 Year 1840

Gregor McGregor Born 23 Sept 1813

Sarah McGregor Born 13 January 1819

Deaths (reverse side of page)

Angus McAfee ???, died July 8th 1832

Tamer McAfee died May 4th 1850

Nathaniel H. McAfee died April the 5 1855, aged 5 year, 6 months and 5 days

William George McAfee Died March the 18 1866 aged eight months

James Abiather McAfee died August 25 1867 aged five months

James Barry died 31 Nov 1881 agd 81 years 1800

Lucy Barry died 11 June 1889 agd 84 yrs 1806

Jnr Angus J McAfee died Oct 21 1890 agd 71 yrs 10 m 16 dys

Etta McAfee died 20 Aug 1879 aged 22 yrs

John J Barry Died Sept the ?80

Guy McAfee Died Oct 20 90

Caroline McGregor

Caroline Mc / died July th 18th 1870

Carrie S. McGregor died July 25th 1870