Oliver Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Together With the Apocrypha, Cooperstown, H. & E.
Phinney, 1828, Hills #618. This edition is of particular
value to members of The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints, as it was from this Bible that Joseph
Smith translated the JST (Joseph Smith Translation) of the

It is not in good condition. All pages are present except the
rear flyleaves. The binding is intact but the spine is damaged.
There are some loose pages and a careless repair to reattach
them with thread.

The LDS site places this family in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

This bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire



[Page One -- Marriages]

Feby 19th 1795 Wm. Oliver married to Sally Cheever

Wm. Oliver married Sally Upham, March 9th 1806

Wm. Oliver married Mary Whitmarsh Nov 3d 1817

Wm Oliver married Deborah T. Palmer June 10th 1847

[Page Two -- Births]

Wm Oliver Jun Born March 9th 1796

Nathan Oliver Born June 15th 1797

Hannah B. Oliver Born March 17th 1799

Samuel C. Oliver Born Jan 20th 1801

Cyrus & Sarah C. Oliver Born July 14th 1803

Elizabeth & Mary Oliver Born Oct 29th 1805

Isaac M. Oliver Born March 30th 1819

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Mrs. Sally Oliver the first died Oct. 30th 1805

Mrs. Sally Oliver the second died June 30th, 1819

Mrs. Mary Oliver died Dec 24th 1846

Dea [?] Wm. Oliver died April 8th 1864 aged Eighty
nine years five month and eight days

Wm Oliver, father of the first mentioned Wm. Oliver
died Nov 18th 1816 aged 71 years

Mary Oliver, wife of the above mentioned Wm. died,
[entry not finished]

Cyrus Oliver died [entry not finished]

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