Orleans Bible

This Bible was submitted by Faye at fdy13@home.com

The following records were copied from Volume 29096, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1933. These records were reproduced and indexed my me in 2001. This book can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. The transcription is as correct as possible.The information contained in these records is the only information I have on these families.



Orleans, Mrs.

BIBLE OF MRS. ORLEANS ________________(page torn)
(possession of Mrs. H. D. Humphreys)

Great Grandparents. Father's Grandparents:
(William Humphreys
Susan Mitchell)
J. M. Daniel, born Feb. 3, 1809, in Dodge Co. Married to Elizabeth Mitchell, born Feb. 1, 1817, in Dodge Co.
J. M. Daniel died March 10, 1885, in Dodge Co.
Eliza Mitchell died Oct. 23, 1891, in Dodge Co.

Mother's Grandparents:
Wright M. Harrell, born Feb. 11, 1819, in Dodge Co. Married Sarah Hamilton, who was born Apr. 13, 1824, in Dodge Co.
Wright W. Harrell, died May 30, 1905, in Eastman.
Sarah Hamilton, wife of Wright W. Harrell, died Oct. 6, 1898, in Eastman.
Richard D. Mitchell, born Nov. 29, 1824, Dodge Co., married Louisa Gordon Phelps, born Oct. 14, 1829, in Dodge Co.
Richard D. Mitchell died Dec. 19, 1853, in Dodge Co.
Louisa Gordon Phelps, died July 17, 1907, in Dodge Co.

James Humphreys, born July 4, 1825, died Jany. 14, 1870, in dodge Co., was married to Rebecca Daniel, born June 12, 1839, died Nov. 24, 1916, Hawkinsville.
Benj. H. Harrell, born Apr. 24, 1842, in Dodge Co., died Sept. 3, 1909 in Eastman, married Mary C. Mitchell, born Jany. 25, 1852, in Dodge Co., died Oct. 14,1915, Eastman.

James D. Humphreys, born June 6, 1864, Dodge Co.
Orleans M. Harrell, born Dec. 17, 1873, Dodge Co.