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The Holy Bible, D. & J. Sadlier, New York. "The second page is the standard publishers page, unfortunately the date is missing, but was probably about 1880, the year Henry and Julia were married." Sadlier published Bibles from 1842-1885. The etching is the only one in the Bible.


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This is the Property of Henry OShea


My Father Thom O'Shea
was born in Kilkeny Ireland my Mother Elen Trainor Born
In Armagh Ireland they were
married in Mono Milles Canada
and lived till their family was born
and raised came to U S. America Salina Kansas
Dec In Eighteen Seventy one.
The family consists of 3 boys and
3 girls Henry, Pat, John, Cathrine
Elen and Elizabeth
My wifes father Pat Purcell
was born in Kilkenny Ireland
her mother Born in Knock, Co.,
State of Ohio they were married.(Dec 22, 1853)
My father Thomas OShea
Died Sept 6, 1890 Buried Sept 8, 1890
Mother Elen OShea died Jan'y 1906
Burried Jan 8, 1906
Page of life is closed

Henry OShea, Eldest son of
Thomas OShea and Ellen
Trainor, was maried to
Julia Purcell at the
Secreat Hart Catholic Church (Sacred Heart Catholic Church)
in the year
of our lord 12 day of April
Eighteen and Eighty, 1880

Salina Kansas USA
Our firstborn May 20, 1881 | Christened Ellen Eulalia
Second Born April 9, 1883 | her name Mary Elizabeth
Four April 3 birth first boy Born April 4, 1885 | his name Thomas
our fourth birth June 26, 1887 | her Mame Agness
our twins born July 20, 1890 | the boyes Patrick Joseph
the girl is named | Josephine Ann
our sith birth 7 child born June 18, 1893 | John James
All Christened in Salina Church Secred Hart Salina (Sacred Heart Salina)


Father Henry O'Shea February 11, 1907
Mother Julia Theodosia O'Shea Born Sept 30, 1854 in Ohio
The age 67 years 9 mos -28 days Died July 28 Friday 1922 in Slina
Mary Elizebeth Bachofer July 11th 1915. 32 years 3 months, 2 days
in Southey Sask Canada
Died Agness Cecelia OShea Saturday March 18, 1905 six A.M.
her age at time of death was 17 years 8 months & 22 days


Record of my family
Helen OShea (Ellen Eulalia) and
Gideon H. Stofus
Married May 20, 1905
by Father John Maher
at Salina Kansas
1st child Raymond G.
born Jan 26, 1906 Herington
2nd child Arthur Fredrick
born Sept 2,4 1907 Herington
3rd child Helen Madelene
born Jan 31, 1910 Herington
4th Child Mary Alma
born Feb 11 - 1913 Herington
Ellen Estes Watkins died Mar 22, (1967) at Linsburg fell to her death in a celler.

Gideon Stolfus died
July 3, 1913
Helen Stolfus married
V. W. Estes Jan 7, 1916 at
Salina Kans by Father
John Maher
5th child Julia Josephine
born Jan 25, 1917 - Olmitz
Raymond Stolfus
died April 22, 1942
V. W. Estes died July 7, 1916
Solomon Kans

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