Palmer Bible


Submitted June 30 1996 by:

Lorne Shunk
1505 Wilson Avenue
Downsview, Ontario
M3M 1G9
(416) 248-6789

The following is a transcript of the Palmer Family Bible.
Transcribed by Lorne Shunk, Great Grandson of Jane Palmer.

The text reads from the original inscription entry area,
then the top margin, to the bottom margin,the left margin
and finally the right margin.

The names in brackets are the Palmer Shunk parents.
A copy of this family page is in the possion of myself
Lorne Shunk. The whereabouts of the original bible are not

Surnames found in this record:


Mrs. Jane Palmer
was born on the 23
of February 1856

Lina Mary Palmer born
24th October 1884

James Marshall Palmer
Born May 3rd 1886
----- * ----- * -----

Ueluia Blanch Fisher Born Oct. 14th. 1897 [Alice]
Orphia Irine Fisher Born Oct 16th. 1899 [Alice]

Montague Palmer Wym Born Sept.15th. 1902 [Hattie]
Mildred French Palmer Mar 23rd. 1913 [Ab]

Stanley Lionel Shunk Born May 29th 1910 [Lyna]
Marshall Clifford Shunk Born Feb. 14th. 1912 [Lyna]
Margaret Catherine Shunk Born Sept 23rd. 1913 [Lyna]
Jack Palmer Shunk Born Mar 13th 1917 [Lyna]
Lorne Elmer Shunk Born Nov 3rd 1920 [Lyna]

-:top margin:-

Ethel Jane Palmer born Mar. 16th 1924 in Toronto
James Cummins Palmer born Mar. 14th 1929 in Toronto
Joan Marshall Palmer Nov. 16th 1932 in Toronto
Children of Joan & Marshall Palmer.

-:bottom Margin:-

Yvonne Evelyn Shunk born Sept. 21st 1932
Wesley Melville Shunk born Sept. 6th 1934
Ruth Lois Shunk born Feb 11, 1936
Children of Dorothy & Marshall Shunk.

-:left Margin:-

Patsy Ann Shunk Born 9th July 1946, Montreal P.Q.

Douglas Allan Shunk Born Nov. 18/ 1953 Toronto Ont.
[Pearl & Jack]

Jacqueline Mae Shunk daughter of Stanley & Winnie
Shunk born July 24/34

Robert Palmer Shunk Born June 19th 1942 in Toronto Ont.
[Pearl & Jack]

-:right Margin:-

Albert Beaumaus Palmer born Jan 13, 1946. Brooklyn N.Y.
[Ab & Marg]

Harley Gordon Elmer Shunk born May 17, 1938 in Toronto
[Dorothy & Marshall]

Lois May Shunk born Jan 19, 1940 in Toronto /
[Dorothy & Marshall]

-:in right margin at top of page:-

Sandra Karen Eloiuse Shunk \_ Twins
Lorne Marshall Shunk / [Dorothy & Marshall]
Born Sept 3rd 1941 in Toronto
Sandra 10 minutes older than Lorne