Parke Bible

This Bible does not have either title page, or anything
printed to indicate its edition. Rogers Parke wrote
that he purchased it in 1853, so it is at least that old.
The binding is in good, intact condition and the pages
are fair. It appears to be complete.

The inside front and back covers contain some
gibberish writing. A calling card was inside with the name
of Alvin Armor.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Inscription]

Martin T. Parke
His Book price 31
Springville, Seneca, Ohio

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Rogers Parke and Martha Reed was married

Rogers Parke and Hannah Ann Vanscoder was married
Jan. 18 1848

Martin T. Parke and Mary Day was married Feb 28th 1869
By Rev. T. McKean Riley Township Putnam County

[Page Three -- Births]

famley record Family record

Martin T. Parke was born Feb the 11 1844

Jacob D. Vanscoder was Born January the 12 1831

John Parke was Born

James D. Park

Martin Parke was Born feb the 11 1844
Was written Sept the 12 1861

[Page Four -- Births]

Martin T. Parke was Born Feb the 11 1844
feburay 11 1844
was Born in Cochochan Co. Ohio

Rogers Parke Born Jan 11 1819

Martha wife of Rogers Parke Born

Hannah Ann wife of Rogers Parke Born May 13th

Martin T. Parke Born Feb 11 1844

Mary J. Parke Born Dec 22 1845

George W. Parke Born Jan 22 1849

John C. Parke Born Sept 24 1850

James Dean Parke Born June 28 1852

Infant Born Jan 4 1854

Nancy Ellen Parke Born Dec 8 1854

Infant Born August 19 1856

Margaret Parke Born Sep 15 1859

William D. Parke Born 1861

Thornton D. Parke Born

Mary Day was Born Dec 22 1846

Grace May Parke was Born Sept 6 1869

Effie Evelyn Parke Born Feb 12 1871

Charles Dean Parke Born Jan 12 1874

[Page Five -- Deaths]

William Vanscoder Died November the 25, 1856
Age 21 Year and 7 months

Martha Parke Died Sept. 11th 1846 Aged 26 years
11 mo 4 days

George W. Parke Died Feb 22nd 1851

Mary J. Parke Died April A.D. 1861

Roger Parke Died 1888

John C. Parke Died Aug 13 1894
Darling, Pa.

Martin T. Parke Died Oct 31 1897

Martin Parke's mother's name was Martha Reed, his
father's name was Roger Parke

[Page Six -- Last Page of Revelation]

This Book was Bought while Residing at Springville
Seneca County Ohio. March the 1st 1853
By Rogers Parke and Presented to Martin T. Parke
Price Paid 31 cts

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------