Parke Bible


PARKE Family Bible

Submitted May 18 1994 by:
Anna Joan Buxton
406 - 925 Esquimalt Road
Victoria BC
V9A 3M7

This record is typed from photocopies of nine pages from
Cyrenius Parke's Bible. The order of the pages here may
be different than the order in the original bible.

The original bible is in the Lennox and Addington County
Historical Society's holdings
Napanee Museum
Napanee, Ontario

Surnames found in this bible:

[Hoffman, 2nd w/o Cyrenius ]
[Wilson, w/o David PARKE]

--=First page

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments:
Translated out of the Original Tongues: and
With the former Translations diligently compared and
revised by His Majesty's Special Command, Appointed to
be read in Churches Oxford, printed at the Clarendon
Press, by W. Jackson and A. Hamilton, Printers to the
University: and sold by W. Dawsen at the Oxford Bible
Warehouse, in Paternoster Row, London, 1789

--=Second page

[in Cyrenius' handwriting]
Cyrenius PARKE this book bought at Kingston price 1.10
in January ye 10th 1793
Serve them the Lord all ye hands
Cy P
[in another handwriting]
Cys... PARKE December 27th 1812

--=Third page

The names of the children begotten by James & Sarah PARKE
James was born 1728
James PARKE junior was born 18 November 1746
Joseph PARKE was born 13 November 1748
Sarah PARKE was born 4 December 1750
Hannah PARKE was born 4 December 1752
Cyrenius PARKE was born 22 December 1754
Nathaniel PARKE was born 4 March 1758
Cornelia W. [Cornelius] PARKE was born 26 October 1761
Charlotte PARKE was born 15 May 1764
Claronda PARKE was born 23 February 1766

--=Fourth page

Cys...PARKE born 22 December 1754
Elizabeth PARKE born 21 December 1755 [1st wife]
[their 8 children ]

Nathaniel PARKE born 21 April 1776
Sarah PARKE born 7 December 1777
Cornelius PARKE born 13 April 1779
Joseph PARKE born 27 March 1780
James PARKE born 10 Feby...1782
Deborah PARKE born 6 August 1783
Archibald PARKE born 4 January 1786
Elizabeth PARKE born 10 January 1787

David PARKE born October 21 1807 (s/o Cyrenius
& 2nd wife Elizabeth Huffman]
Nancy PARKE born April 19 1808
Children begot by David & Nancy PARKE

Nancy PARKE born January 21 1830
Levi PARKE born March 23 1832
Sarah Elizabeth born December 9th 1833
Rebecca PARKE born April 12th 1835
David Nelson PARKE born January 1st 1837
Clarenda Mahala PARKE born June 25th 1839
William Baily PARKE born July 12 1841
Bathsheba PARKE born May 15th 1844
[see also Sixth page]

--=Fifth page

Elizabeth PARKE the 2nd wife of Cys..PARKE
was born April 13th 1770
[their 12 children]

Claranda PARKE born 24 October 1790
John Cys.. PARKE born 14 December 1791
Cyrs..PARKE junior born 14 Sept.r 1793
[ancestor of submitter]
James PARKE 2nd born 27 Febry 1795
Mary PARKE born 3 April 1797
Elias PARKE was born 26 October on Thursday 1798
Daniel PARKE was born 25 October 1800
Charlotte PARKE was born 12 December 1802
Hannah PARKE was born 22 December 1804
David PARKE was born 21 October 1807
Susanna PARKE was born 22 April 1810
Mylo PARKE was born 2 October 1812
Record of Cys...PARKS --? the family

--=Sixth page

The Record of our names

David PARK was born October 21st 1807
Nancy PARK was born April 19 1808 [her maiden name was
Nancy PARK was born January 21 1830
Levi PARK was born March 23 1832
Sarah Elizabeth PARK was born Dec 9 1833
Rebecca PARK was born April 12 1835
David Nelson PARK was born Jan 1 1837
July 22 1924 [different handwriting]
Clarenda Mahala PARK was born June 25 1839
William Bailey PARK was born July 12 1841
Bathsheba PARK was born May 15 1844
Caroline Adelia PARK was born November 15 1847
Jane Almeda PARK born April 19 1850
[some different handwriting that looks like.....]
Caroline Adelia PARK 1847
[several other scribbled dates (years) on the last 1/3 of
this page, including
//////////// as if the dates/years were being calculated]

--=Seventh page

Cyrenius PARKE Sept 3rd 1797 [this may just be the date
he wrote the entries because no birth or death dates in
the genealogy fit this date for a Cyrenius PARKES]
Cyrenius [just his name/signature?]

David PARKS died at the age of 51 years 1 months 4 days

Jane Almeda PARKS died February 27 1873
aged 22 years 10 months and 8 days
Nancy CLINE [wife of John CLINE] died December 23,
[no year] aged [no dates]
Levi PARKS died August 1862 aged 30 years
5 months

[this is upside down]

[this is written right way up]

Nancy PARKS died Jany 15/91 aged 82 years
8 months 27 days

[this is written upside down]
Cys..PARKE will be 49 years old this 22 December if living

--=Eighth page

Cys PARKS departed this life August 22nd 1828
aged 74 years & eight months

--=Ninth page

Aged 74 Cyrenius PARKS died 22 August 1828
8 months
Aged 76 Elizabeth PARKS died 9 December 1846
8 months

Aged 51 David PARKS died November 25 1858
1 mos 4 days