Patterson Bible

This Bible was purchased at auction. It is
in pretty good shape, but the binding is starting
to separate.

The Illustrated Polyglott Family Bible, William
Flint and Co., Philadelphia, PA; Cincinnati, OH;
Atlanta, GA; Springfield, MA 1869 Hills #1838

This Bible was transcribed by and in the possession
of Tracy St. Claire,


------------START TRANSCRIPT---------------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Parents Marriage

William J. Patterson & Mary M. Griffin were married
August 16th 1888

[Page Two -- Births]

William James Patterson Born October 11th 1858

Mary Melvina Patterson Born August 16th 1862

Children's Births

Nola Fay Patterson Born October 14th 1889

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Mary M. Patterson died April 28th, 1925


Photo in the back of a girl. Reverse
says "Just returned from school Sept. 16 - 1914"

-------------END TRANSCRIPT------------