Payne Bible


Payne Family Bible

Submitted April 23, 1997 by
Richard F. Bromley

This George is a member of the Payne family of Goochland co., VA the family of Dolly
Payne Todd Madison wife of President Madison, the most popular US First lady.


Payne Family Bible

Buckingham County, Virginia

Micanopy, Florida

Contributed by Caroline Tiedeman Moore, Charleston, SC

This Bible now in the possession of contributor, was originally owned by
George Booker Payne who lived near Buckingham Court House, Virginia, and
moved to Micanopy, FL

Surnames found in this record:
KING (clergy)
O'NEILL (home of)
SALE (clergy)
STRONG (clergy)


George B. Payne and Catherine G. Penn were married 10/9/1839 by Rev.
Nelson Sale.
Married at Salts Springs, FL Marion L., son of same to Jane Dupuis Dec.
[ ].
Married in Savannah, GA Sallie Sara Penn daughter of same to J. C.
Rembert 28 Oct. 1870 by Rev. King.

Married in Savannah, GA Rosalie daughter of same to D. Elwood McCuen
6/8/1881 by Rev. C. H. Strong.

[News paper clipping pinned to page: McCuen - Payne married this city
June 8 1881 at residence of J.B.G. O'Neill D. E. McCuen of Florida to
Rosa L. Payne, daughter of the late Dr. George B. Payne of Florida.]


George Brook Payne son of George M. Payne & Susan M Payne b. 9/24/1816
Catherine G. Penn daughter of Edmund & Jane Penn b. 6/19/1819
Ella Susan dau b. 10/13/1840
Ida dau b. 9/6/1843
Rosalie b. 7/8/1850 4:00PM
Sallie [Sara] Penn b. 7/4/1852
Virginia Morton b. 9/17/1855
George Elwood McCuen son of D. E. & Rosalie McCuen b. 7/23/1882 1:30 PM
Savannah, GA
Edwin Burke G. son of sab 11/22/1889


Ella Susan Payne d. 11/9/1846 aged 6 y 27 d
Catherine G. Payne d. Micanopy, FL 7/6/1859 6PM
George B. Payne d. Micanopy, FL 11/22/1859 8 PM
Virginia Morton Payne d. Savannah, GA 11/19/1880
D. E. McCuen d. Savannah, GA 1/20/1893 1:20 PM

[The following was copied from the Richmond Enquier 24 April 1821, and
entered into the Bible: Died in Buckingham, on morning of 14 April 1821
in the 24th year of her age Mrs. Susan M. Payne consort of George M.
Payne, Esq. after an ilness of many weeks which she sustained with
unyielding fortitude. To this event so afflicting to her husband and
child, her relatives and friends, she looked as the consumation of
hopes, founded on the promises of a savior. She was not disappointed;
for in the hour of desolation, she was enabled to rejoice in assurance,
that there was in reserve for her "a building of God, an house not made
with hands, eternal in the heavens."


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