Pease Bible

This bible was published by Holbrook & Fessender
of Brattleborough, Vt. , 1824.

Despite the early dates of the references and
the bible, the page of births appears to have been
done in the same hand and with an unusual teal
colored pen, including the death date of Abigail
Hall in 1863. Thus, I suspect these entries were
all written after 1863.

Various sources put this marriage of Stephen Peace
and Abigail Hall in Somers, CT, Tolland County.

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Names Births Deaths]

Stephen Pease Jr who Died March 17th 1828
Aged 53 years]

[Page Two -- Children's Marriages]


[Page Three -- Names Births Deaths]

Stephen Pease 1775 March 17-1828
Abigail Hall Jan'y 3 1778 Aug 3 1863
Abigail Pease Sept 10 1797
Horace Pease July 6 1799
Arthusa Pease Oct 5 1801
Chauncey Pease July 8 1805
Samantha Pease December
Selona Pease July 1813
Polly H Pease May 1815
Flora E Pease August 1821

[Page Four -- Children's Marriages]