Pendleton Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society 1839.

This is a small but thick family Bible. It has several torn
pages, and spine damage, but remains sound.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Front Flyleaf]

Mrs. Louisa M. Pendleton
A Bridal Gift
from your
Friend V. Pastor
Saybrook, Con. Dec. 27, 1841

[Page One -- Marriages]

Joseph Pendleton & Louisa M. Rofs
married by Rev. Wm. Warlam Dec. 27. 1841.
Saybrook (Conn).

William H. Morgan & Grace M. Pendleton
married by Rev S. McCall
Dec 12 1866
Saybrook Ct

[Page Two -- Births. The first column of this
page has enrties that ar scratched out, starting with
Joseph William. From what I can tell, they are the
same ones written on the next page of births]

William J. Pendleton Born November 14 1842

Maria G. Pendleton Born Febuary 14 1845

Christinah J. Pendleton Born June 3 1847

Ezra A. Pendleton Born May 27, 1849

Joseph Pendleton Born March 19 1816

Louisa M. Pendleton Born January 12, 1820

[Page Three -- Births]

Joseph William Born November the 14 1842

Grace Maria Born Febuary 14 1845

Christinah Josephene Born June the 3 1847

Ezra Alberto Born May the 27 1849

Joseph Pendleton Born March 19, 1816

Louisa M. Pendleton Born Jan 12 1820

Etta A. Pendleton Born March 17 1881

George M. L. Pendleton Born March 9th 1884

Charles A. Pendleton Born Dec 22nd 1886

Clara L. Pendleton Born Dec 2nd 1889

Emma J. Pendleton Born June 2nd 1893

Ruth M. Pendleton Born July 31 [Aug 2
scratched out] 1898

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Christinah J. Pendleton Died Apr 7 1859
Aged 12 years

Lousia M. Pendleton Died Dec 25th 1896
Aged 77 years

Joseph Pendleton Died Jan 20 1899
Age 83

Ezra L. Ross died March 1893

Ruth A. Wilbur Died April 7. 1904
aged 87.

Ruth A. Wilbur died April 11. 1904
aged 63

Mary Ann Morgan Died August 24th 1845
age 27 years

Elisha Morgan Died Oct. 25. 1880
Age 78

Ann Elizabeth Morgan Died June 24 1843
Age 2 mo 25 days

William Henry Morgan Died Nov. 11, 1915
Age 73


Clipping of a poem "God is in Heaven"

Obituary, hand-dated Jan. 1917, for Harold Lawton
of Plainfield

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------