Perkins Bible


Submitted by Kim Curlin Wettroth
2 Feb 2000
127 Barriedale Circle
Apex, NC 27502
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Surnames in this file:

[Note: Henry Perkins III, son of Henry Perkins II and Ann Ferebee, was born 6 April 1781
at his family's plantation called "Poplars" in Currituck County, North Carolina. He
married Sarah Ann "Salley" Simmons on 31 December 1801 in Halifax County, North Carolina.
Seven of their thirteen children were born in Halifax County; the remaining six were born
in Troup County, Georgia. Henry died in Troup County, Georgia on 24 July 1837.


Brother's and Sis[ters]...
[William?] Perkins was bor[nd] of Januar[y]...

[John?] of Nov...

Nancy Per[kins]...19th day ..

Abigail Per[kins] day of Dece[mber]...

Elizabeth Perkins was...1st day of July 1771

Francis Perkins was bornd the 9th day of Febry 1773

Solomon Perkins was bornd the 11th day of Septr 1775

Nancy Perkins was bornd the 10th day of Sept 1777

Sarah Perkins was bornd the 9th day of Febry 1779

Ferebee Perkins was bornd the 29th day of Febry 1783

Charles Perkins was bornd the 16th day of Jany 1785

Dolley Perkins was bornd the 25th day of Octr 1786

Isaac Cooper Perkins was bornd the 5th day of December 1788

...of her ag...

My Sister Elizabeth Perkins Departed this Life in July 1781 in her 10th year of ?

My Sister Nancy Perkins Departed this Life 1772 October & in her 4th years of her age

My Son Allen Henry Perkins Departed this Life in September 1814 and in his 10th year of his age

My Mother Ann Perkins...5 Oclock in...on the 27th day of May 1815 in 71st year of her age

My D[aughter]...B[etsy Ann?] Perkins past this...[February?] 18[??]...

Henry Perkins was married to Salley Simmons on the 31th [?] day of Decr. 1801

My Father Henry Perkins was Married to My Mother Ann Ferebee on the
25th day of Decr. Ano Domo 1763

My Daughter Julia E. Perkins was Married to John Ogletree on the
28th day of September A.D. 1819

My Daughter Julia E. Ogletree was Married to Edward Stevens on the
27th day of January 1824

My Daughter Salley Edney Perkins was married to William Justiss on the
23rd day of July 1826

[MARRIAGES Continued]

My Daughter Thomoson T. Perkins was married to Elvinton H. Parker on the
7th day of January 1830

My Son Jesse S. Perkins was married to Mary Allen on the 16th day of August 1832

My Daughter Francis F. Perkins was married to Dunston Traylor on the
18th day of November 1834

Wm. H. Perkins was married to Elizabeth H. Robertson on the
24th day of October 1841

Date of Transcription: 10 March 1998 KCW
Location of Transcription: Cary, NC
Note: A photocopy of two pages from a family bible was given to me by
Betty Atunes de Oliveira of Rio de Janiero, Brazil on 6 February 1998.
This record was given to Betty by Lois Elizabeth Prothro of Texas some
time before that. The bible is supposed to be the family bible record
of Henry Perkins III. The page recording Births and Deaths appears to
be torn in the original form. The copies are somewhat hard to read but
I have transcribed them verbatim to the best of my abilities. There may
be missing pages which I do not have at this time. Where possible, I have
inserted my own interpretation by the [ ] notation - Kim Curlin Wettroth.