Perry Bible

This Bible was collected by the W.P.A. project
(Works Project Administration) in McMinn County,
Tennessee. Date of the Bible is unknown as is its
current whereabouts.

Transcribed by Iva Maude Lewis, January 18, 1937.

I doubt this is a verbatim transcript of the Bible, as all
the entries by this transcriber had the same format.


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

Bible Record of Clemmit Perry and Katherine Lee Guthrey
Perry by Hazel Guthrey, Athens, Tennessee R#3 North West
of Athens.

Clemmir Cary Perry was born 12 Sep 1897
Katherine Lee Guthrey was born 11 Aug 1896
Mabel Raine Perry was born 19 Sep 1920
William Guthrey Perry was born 12 May 1922

Clemmit Cary Perry and Katherine Lee Guthrey were married
18 Oct 1919.

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------