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The PERRY Bible is in my possession.

This transcript is taken directly from the Bible. The births from 2 pages and the deaths from the
3rd page.

Edwin PERRY is my Great-Great Grandfather. He was the son of Luke Perry and Irene [Patrick]
Perry who were natives of Vermont and went to Stanstead, Quebec, Canada about 1800 and had
11 children. Luke was born in the late 1700's-died about 1850 in Canada. Irene was born about
1787 and died in Indiana about 1860. Family tradition says she is buried near Headly, White
County, Indiana.
Lydia Emiline [Gates] Perry was born at Nanticoke Springs, Broome County, N.Y. She went to
Indiana and married Edwin Perry on June 21, 1837 at La Grange Co. Indiana. They settled in
Carroll County, Indiana.

[Dates on Emily look incorrect -- Tracy St. Claire]

Surnames found in this record:

Marriage Certificate:

EDWIN PERRY to Emeline Gates
State of Indiana
Lagrange County

Be it remembered that on the 19th day of May 1837 a license was issued by the clerk of
Lagrange Circuit Court authorising any person legally authorised to solemnize marriages in said
county to join together in the holy bands of wedlock, Edwin Perry to Emeline Gates and
afterwards to wit on the 22nd day of June 1837 the following return to said licence was filed in
my office. I do hereby certify, that on the 21 day of May A.D. 1837. I joined together in the
band of wedlock Edwin Perry and Emeline Gates given under my hand this 11th day of June

J. T. Hobbs - clerk Edmond Littlefield J.P.


Edwin Perry Born July 2 1818
Lydia E [Emiline Gates] Perry
February 22 1820

Ellen E Perry Born Oct the 5 1840

Augustus E Perry Born
February 11 1842

Francis F Perry Born
November the 22 1844

Alfred G Perry Born
February the 2 1847

Plumea M [Malinda] Perry Born
November 5, 1845

Ulvin A Perry Born
April 11 1850


Ulvin A Perry dide
February the 10 1851


Samantha F Perry Born
September the 10 1852


Samantha Perry
October the 13 1853


Emily Perry Born
Oct 13 1855


Emily Perry dide
September 20 1855


Emiline Perry Born
Oct 13 1855


Emiline Perry dide
March the 3 1863


Dennis Perry Born
March the 28 1858


Denice Perry dide
March the 5 1863


Manerva Perry Born
September 14 1862


Manerva Perry dide
March the 11 1863



Ellen E Perry dide
March 10 1856


  Alfred Perry dide
May 19 year 1870