Pettes Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Genealogical Records
Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, taken from
Family Bibles 1581-1917
, Edited by Jeannie F-J. Robison and
Henrietta C. Bartlett, The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
New York, 1917, p 177-179.

This Bible is related to the Rhoades Bible, from the same source.

Kindly transcribed by Barb Donathan.



Below this line is verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.


Holy Bible in English; New York, Collins and Perkins, 1806.
Contains the records of the Pettes and Prescott families and has descended in the female line to the present owner, Miss Elizabeth Prescott Hale, of Yonkers, New York. She is the great-great-granddaughter of the original owner.

Family Record.

Joseph Pettes married to Charlotte Wales April 18th 1782.
Frederick Pettes marr'd September 25th 1814 to Harriet Mynderse.
Mary Pettes married October 15th 1816 to Samuel Prescott.
John Pettes married to Lucy Richards of Dorchester, Massachusetts, January 20th 1820.
Lucy Richards Prescott married Nov. 11th 1847, Edward Mott Moore.
Isham Green Searcy married Sept. 4th 1837 to Charlotte Pettes Prescott.
Mary Elizabeth Searcy born June 22nd 1838.
Lucy Frederic Searcy born Sept. 27th 1840.
Charlotte Pettes Searcy born Feb. 21st, 1842.
Lucy Frederic Searcy married 24th February 1870 to Thomas Hale - in Windsor, Vt.
Thomas Hale Jr. married on the 27th November 1901 Elizabeth Hall Henderson in Yonkers, N.Y.

Joseph Pettes born July 22nd 1757
Charlotte Pettes born November 24th 1761
Mary Pettes born January 20th 1788 - Sunday.
Frederick Pettes born February 17th 1789 - Tuesday
John Pettes born March 17th 1793, Sunday
William H. Pettes born December 24th 1815.
Harriet Mynderse born August 20th 1791
Charlotte Pettes Prescott was born May 22nd 1818 Tuesday
Joseph Pettes Bottiswood was born December 7th 1809
Charlote Pettes Prescott was born Friday May 22d. 1818
Lucy Richards Prescott was born Monday April 17th 1820.
William Richards Pettes born Nov. 7th 1821.
Mary Elizabeth Pettes born June 18th 1823
John Pettes born Nov. 4th 1825
Frederick Dudley Pettes was born Sept 28th 1827.
Edward Pettes born Aug. 3rd 1829.
Lucy Ellen Pettes born March 14th 1831.
Robert Thaxter Pettes born June 21st 1833.
Mary Elizabeth Searcy was born at Tallahassee Florida June 22nd 1838
Lucy Frederic Searcy was born in Tallahassee Florida, September 27th 1840
Charlotte Pettes Searcy was born at Tallahassee Florida February 21st 1842.
Charlotte Elizabeth Prescott Hale, born Dec. 5th 1870 in New York City.
Thomas Hale Jr. 4th Feb. 1874 in Yonkers, N.Y.
Elizabeth Hale Henderson born 13th Feb. 1878
Elizabeth Hale born in Yonkers N.Y. Wednesday, 13 November 1902.
Thomas Hale 3rd July 12th 1904 in Yonkers.
Lucy Prescott Hale, born January 3rd, 1910.
Lucy Richards was born at Dorchester Mass. June 7th 1798.
Charlotte Lucy Prescott Moore was born June 10th 1861 at Rochester, New York.
Mary Pettes Moore was born at Rochester New York Sept. 6th 1848.
Edward Mott Moore was born at Windsor Aug. 25th 1850.
Lindley Murray Moore was born at Rochester March 19th 1852
Samuel Prescott Moore born at Rochester January 3rd 1854
Richard Mott Moore was born at Rochester N.Y. Nov. 23rd 1855.
Abbie Joy Moore, born at Rochester, Aug. 23rd 1857.
Frederick Pettes Moore, born March 16th 1859.

Joseph Pettes died December 5th 1811
Harriet Pettes died October 21st 1816
Samuel Prescott died at Mantanzas on the Island of Cuba, Sept. 1822.
Frederick Pettes died at Detroit, Michigan, Thursday October 25th 1838 at 1-¼ A.M. at the National Hotel kept by A. Wales.
Charlotte Pettes died April 21st 1849
Lucy Richards Pettes died May 27th 1849
Charlotte Lucy Prescott Moore died April 15th 1863
Mary Pettes Prescott Sergeant, died June 15th 1863
Lucy Richards Prescott Moore died Aug. 1902 in Rochester, N.Y.
Dr. Edward Mott Moore died in 1900 Rochester N.Y.
Mary Elizabeth Searcy died in N.Y. 18 Jan. 1897
Charlotte Pettes Prescott Searcy, died in Yonkers, N.Y. 11th April 1907.
Lucy Frederic Searcy Hale died in Yonkers 10th Dec. 1909
Lucy Ellen Pettes Sabine died in Windsor Vt. 6th March 1911
Isham Green Searcy died in New Orleans, La. Of Yellow Fever 24th July 1841