Philipson Bible



Submitted June 29, 1998 by:
Tony & Kathy Urban
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Original King James Bible, 1614 edition.
This is an old bible that was rebound in the early 18th century. At that time the hand written genealogy was typed out
and inserted into the rebound bible along with the original pages. It is a true copy.


The copy is as follows:

Entries relating to the Philipson family on fly-leaves of an old bible, dated 1614 (imprinted at London by Robert
Barker), belonging to Hilton Philipson, Esq.

Mary the wife of John Philipson born ye 1th of May 1627.
John Philipson ye son of John Philipson of Case Baptized ye 13 of June 1628.
An Philipson ye dauther of John Philipson Baptized ye 2 of Nouember 1651.
Brian Philipson ye son of John Philipson Baptized ye 15 of June 1654.
Agnes the wife of Bryan Philipson borne the 6th of April 1656.
Anne Phelipson the dauther of John Philipson was buried the 9th of October 1679 at Windrm'
Church. The text is in ye 8th Chapter of Luke and the 52 verce in these words And all wept
and bewailed her but he said Weepe not she is not dead but sleepeth.
Mary ye dauther of Bryan Philipson Baptized The 14th day of December 1680.
John the son of Bryan Philipson Baptized ye 24 of June 1683.
Margaratt ye Dauther of Bryan Philipson Baptizeth ye first day of Nouember 1685.
Bryan ye son of Bryan Philipson Baptized the 18th day of December 1687.
George ye son of Bryan Philipson Baptized the 21 day of Jeneuary 1689 at hodghill.
George was buried ye 20th day of May 1692 at Cartmell Church. The text was in the 11th Chap: of ye
Hebrewes and ye 17th verce in these words. By faith Abraham when he was tryed offered up Isaac and he that
had receved the promisses offered up his only begotten sonne.
Mary the wife of John Philipson buried at Windermer Church ye 4th of August An'oq' Dom'i 1709 being of the age
of 82 yeares. The text was in ye 32 of Deuteronomie and the 29 vearse O that they were wise that they understood
this; that they would consider theire latter ende.
John Philipson buried att Windermer Church ye 27 of October Anno Domini 1715 being of the age of 87 yeares.
The text was in ye 14th Chapter of Revelations and a parte of the 13th vearse, Blessed are the dead that die in the
Bryan Philipson Buried at Windermere Church the 30th day of May Anno D'ni 1719 being the 65th year of his Age.
The Text was out of the 4th Chapter of Jonah and the latter part of the 8th verse It is better for me to Die than to
Live. Preached by the Revd Mr. Thos: Brockbank.
John Philipson son to Bryan Philipson was Marryed to Mrs Eliz. Hubbersty his now wife the 3rd of Aprill 1722
whom pray God Prosper. Amen.
Bryan the son of John Philipson Born the eight day of October a Quarter past Eleven at Night Anno Domini 1724
and Christned the 2d of November following, By the Revd Mr Geo. Walker at Cartmelfell Chappel, his Godmother his
Grandmother Philipson and his Godffathers his Grandfather Hubbersty and Mr Robert Hubbersty of ffaln Yew.
Agnes Daughter of John Philipson Born the Twenty Second day of Augt 1727 about ffour in the Morning and was
Christned the 13th Day of Septr following By the Revd Mr Walker, Brother Wilson was her Godffather and Mrs
Briggs & her Grandmother Philipson were her Godmothers.
Jno Philipson of Hodghill departed this life on Sunday ye 20th day of August 1732 and was buried ye 23d day at
Cartmelfell Chapel in ye 50th year of his Age. The Text was taken out of the ffirst Chapter of Philippians & the 23d
verse the words were [For I am in a strait betwixt two having a desire to depart and to be with Christ which is far
Agnes Philipson Relict of Bryan Philipson late of Hodghill Gentleman Dyed March the 31st in the year of our Lord
1735 and was buried at Cartmelfell Chappell the 3d of April following being in the 80th year of her Age. The Text
was out of the ffirst Chapter of St Pauls Epistle to the Philippians & the 21st Verse the words were ffor to me to live is
Chrit & to dye is gain, preached by the Revd Mr Geo. Walker.
Agnes Philipson (the only Daughter of John Philipson late of Hodghill Gentleman & Elizabeth his Wife, Departed
this life the 2d day of April a Quarter of an hour past One in the Morning in the year of our Lord 1752 and was
Interred at Cartmellfell Chappell the fifth being only in the 25th year of her Age. She was a Dutifull child, a Loving
Sister & Kinswoman a Devout Christian, ffirm and Steady in her principalls of Religion as a protestant, a sincere
ffriend, and tho' nipped off in the fflower of her age after a Lingering Illness which she did not in the least repine att;
she has left a character behind her which pray God both her Superiors as well as her Inferiors may imitate & be
deserving off, both here and hereafter. The Text was taken out of the 12th Chapter of the 2d of Samuel & the 22d &
23d Verses the words were, While the Child was yet alive I ffasted & wept: for I said Who can tell whether God will
be Gracious unto me that the Child may live? But now he is dead wherefore should I fast can I bring him Back
again? I shall go to him but he shall not return to me, preached by the Rev. Mr Geo. Walker.
Bryan Philipson The only Son of John Philipson late of Hodghill Gentleman & Elizabeth his wife departed this life
ye 11th day of December at Eight a clock at night in ye year of our Lord 1757 And was inter'd at Cartmelfell Chapel
ye 14th being in ye 33d year of his age. The Text of his funeral sermon was out of the 9th Chapter of Eccletes at the
10th Verse ye words were Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might for there is no work nor service nor
knowledge nor Wisdom in ye grave whither thou goest. Preached by ye Revd Geo. Walker, Curt
of Cartmelfell.

On the last page of the Bible is: John Phillipson Booke God giue him grace on it to looke if he it loose & youe if
finde I praye youe bee not so unkinde But let him have his Booke againe and you shalbe Contented for your payne.
Anno Dom'i 1638.
On the title-page of 'The whole Booke of Psalmes,' London, 1618, bound with the Bible is--
"Est liber meus. CHR: PHILLIPSON."

{transcribed by K. Urban, 29 June 1998, all entered as found. No known relation.}