Pierce Bible

Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible,
New York, A.J. Johnson, 1870.

Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible

The Bible is in good condition, with the binding solid and bright
and the pages in good condition. However, there are some small
chips off of the bottom of the spine and some surface staining
and wrinkling to the front cover.

I think most (all?) of the earlier enties are those of Hannah Pierce
Collester. Her death, Matilda's and Isaac's are done in a
handwriting different from all other entries.

Tucked into the pages are feathers, leaves and a fabric sample.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Mrs. Isaac Collester's Book
A Christmas present from her children Dec. 25th 1869

[Page Two -- Family Record Births]

Timothy Pierce was born July 17th 1779
Hannah Dennis wife of Timothy Pierce was born March 28th 1781

Abigail Pierce was born Jan. 30th 1806
Priscilla Pierce " " Sept. 6th 1808
Hannah Pierce " " Feb. 25th 1811
Antrace Pierce " " Apr. 11th 1813
Betsey Pierce " " Nov. 29th 1815
R. Dennis Pierce " " Apr. 29th 1818
Sarah Pierce " " Apr. 19th 1822
Abigail Pierce " " Aug. 28th 1825
Rachel M. Pierce " " May 11th 1828
Cynthia Pierce " " May 28th 1830
Cynthia Pierce " " Sept. 15th 1833
Deborah Pierce " " Nov. 26th 1836

[Page Three -- Family Record Births]

Samuel Collester was born Sept. 7th 1777
Anna (Brooks) Collester was born
Isaac Collester was born Aug. 19th 1809
Alice Brooks Patterson " " Jan. 12th 1818
William B. Patterson " " June 23rd 1819

[Page Four -- Family Record Births]

Anna B. Collester was born Feb. 7th 1831
Priscilla A. Collester " " Apr. 20th 1833
C. Matilda Collester " " Dec. 2nd 1835
Cornelia J. Collester " " Dec. 2nd 1838
Melissa C. Collester " " Apr. 8th 1845
Adelbert L. Collester " " Jan 8th 1847
Samuel C. Collester " " July 15th 1849

[Page Five -- Family Record Marriages]

Isaac Collester was married to Priscilla Pierce
At her father's residence March 31st 1830

Isaac Collester was married to Hannah Pierce
At his residence April 26th 1832

C Matilda Collester to Thos L. Rowland
At her father's residence March 7th 1860

Cornelia J. Collester to Luman Blakeman
At her father's residence Dec. 31st 1861

Melissa C. Collester to Wm. Henry Reynolds
At Augusta November 30th 1862

Adelbert L. Collester to Louisa E. Reynolds
At Waterville Sept. 17th 1870

[Page Six -- Family Record Deaths]

Priscilla wife of Isaac Collester Died Dec. 14th 1831
Aged 23 Yrs 3 Mos. & 8 days

Anna B. Daughter of Isaac & Priscilla Collester
Died March 16th 1832 Aged 1 yr. 1 Mo. & 4 days

Priscilla A. daughter of Isaac & Hannah Collester
Died June 11th 1855 Aged 22 Yrs. 1 Mo. & 22 days

Cornelia J. daughter of Isaac & Hannah Collester
and wife of Luman L. Blakeman Died Dec. 28th 1868
Aged 30 Yrs. & 26 days

Hannah, wife of Isaac Collister, Died Nov. 10th 1877
Aged 66 yrs 8 mos & 16 days

Matilda C daughter of Isaac & Hannah Collester
and wife of Thomas L. Rowland Died Jan 10th 1882 Aged
46 yrs 1 mo and 6 days

[Page Seven -- Family Record -- Deaths]

Samuel Collester father of Isaac Collester Died at Rutland

Anna B. Patterson formerly wife of Samuel Collester & mother
of Isaac Collester Died at Portage N.Y. Dec. 23rd 1839 Aged
53 Yrs.

Hannah Dennis Wife of Timothy Pierce died at Madison N.Y.
Feb. 8th 1821 AEt 39 Yrs 10 Mo 10 days

Timothy Pierce Died at Madison N.Y. March 14th 1847 Aged
67 Yrs 7 Mos. & 27 days.

Abigail Pierce Died Dec 15th 1818 Aged 12 Yr. 9 Mo

Cynthia Pierce Died Feb. 5th 1831 AEt 8 Mos. 8 days

Isaac Collister Died Oct 25th 1884 Aged 75 years 2 mos and 6 days

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