Platt Bible

I acquired this piece at auction. This page was
separated from the bible, so no definite details about
the bible are available. The reverse is an etching, and
the paper and etchings resemble late 18th century

These bible pages were transcribed by and are in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire, .

This family apparently resided in Suffolk County, NY.


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[Page Taken From Bible]

Jefse Arthur was born June the 29th AD 1751

Sarah Arthur was born March the 25th AD 1756

Sarah Platt the wife of Jeremiah Platt departed this life
the 27th day of July 1801 being in the fortysixth year of her
age taken ?? I wrote by me Jeremiah Platt

Ehphalet Arthur was born April 14th AD 1760

Jeremiah Platt and Phebe Hedges was married in October
10th 1802 the children of Jeremiah and Phebe Platt
And in September 1803 was born the first day of ye
month Her first Child and Departed this life the same
day 1803

Her Second Child Jeremiah C. Platt the 29th day of
July An. Dom. 1805

Jeremiah C. Platt was married to Amelia Smith May 4th 1825

George Lucian Platt was born May 23rd 1831
Jeremiah Eugene Platt was born May 17th 1833
George Lucien died May 4th 1834
Herman L. Platt was born March 17th 1836
Elias Smith Platt was born December 24th 1837
Jeremiah Chatfield Platt Died July 23rd 1845

Phebe Platt died Sunday at 1 Oclock Sept 24th 1848
Aged Eighty one years