Powell Bible

Submitted by --- Dan Powell

Family Bible of Amanda Pritchett and Edward Powell

Revised 1881. Publisher: Thayer, Merriman & Company (Limited), Philadelphia. Edward Green Powell original owner, now in the possession Of Daniel Spencer Powell, 619 Turquoise Drive, Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

This is the transcription of The Family Bible presented to Amanda Powell from Edward Powell on June 18, 1884.




This is to Certify That Edward G. Powell of Corydon, Henderson Co., Ky and Amanda M. Pritchett of Corydon, Henderson Co., Ky were by me united together in Holy Matrimony on the 12th day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and 63 In Presence of G.W. Pritchett, J.R. Walton, Elijah Thurman

(Father & Mother)

Edward G. Powell July 6 1839

Amanda Pritchett Powell Mar. 15 1845



Lizzie G. Powell was born March 4th, 1864

Ewing Powell March 12th, 1866

Aubrey Powell January 6th, 1868

Von Powell August 19th, 1869

Lilly Belle Powell February 28th, 1871

Travice Powell May 7th, 1873

Rue Powell December 12th, 1875

Eulah Powell March 8th, 1878

Beulah A. Powell December 16th, 1879

Elbert E. Powell August 19th, 1882

Laura Powell November 19th, 1884

Names of Grand children

Edward H. Powell Sept 29th, 1897

Lizzie Ella Lilly April 9th, 1886

Hasel Wesley Peal Oct. 28th, 1895

Jessie L Powell Dec. 11 1897

Joe Powell July 17th 1899

Lela Cooper Dec 4th 1900


Edward G. Powell and Amanda M. Pritchett were married Mar. 12, 1863

T.E. Lilly and Lizzie G. Powell were married Feb. 3rd 1885

Aubrey Powell and Sallie Herring were married Jan. 2nd 1889

Walter Peal and Eulah M. Powell were married Dec 28th 1894

Travise T. Powell and Jennie Duesavorth were married Sept 23th 1895

Rue Powell and May Holt were married Oct 28 1896

Willie Birney & Beula Powell were married Nov. 22th 1899


Howard Smith Powell was born Oct 1899

Charles E. Birney. Mar. 6- 1911

E.G. Powell and Dora Hopkins were married Oct 15 1902

J H Feast and Laura Powell were married April 27 1902

J T Powell born Oct 27- 1902

Powell Feast born September 6th 1906

Buelah Powell Conway born Oct.24, 1906

Elbert E. Powell & Iva Francis King married Nov. 8th 1937

May Bell "Holt" Powell born May 9, 1877

Jewell W. Powell was born May 6,1905


Von Powell departed this life May 19th 1870

Lilly Belle Powell April 29th 1875

Lizzie G Lilly April 29th 1892

Amanda M. Wife of E.G Powell departed this life July 5th 1897

Eulah M Peal Nov 7th 1905

Aubrey Powell passed away April 23, 1953

Buelah Birney passed away July 20, 1951

Ewing Powell Aug. 22-1945

Travis Powell April 1- 1930

Edward Green Powell passed away July 28 1923

Elbert Edward Powell Aug. 18, 1958

Rue Powell passed away Oct.27- 1961

May Bell "Holt" Powell Jan 29, 1959

Transcribed by Daniel Spencer Powell, 06 February 2002.