Primm Family Record

This Bible record was transcribed from Tennessee Records, Bible
Records and Marriage Bonds, Compiled by Jeannette Tillotson
Acklen, 1933, p170.

17 children! Wow.


Below this line, verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.

Primm Family record, in possession of Mrs. J. W. Roscoe, Goodlettsville,

John Primm, born May 17, 1750.
Elizabeth Hansborough, wife of John Primm, born Jan. 5, 1761.
John Primm and Elizabeth Hansborough, married in 1777.
William Primm, born Sept. 1, 1778.
John Primm, born July 25, 1780.
Thomas Primm, born May 11, 1782.
James Primm, born Sept. 10, 1783.
Peter Primm, born June 25, 1785.
Daniel Primm, born June 23, 1786.
Margaret Primm, born Oct. 1, 1787.
Enoch Primm, born Dec. 15, 1788.
Elijah Primm, born March 8, 1790.
Silar Primm, born Jan. 6, 1792.
Betsy Primm, born May 26, 1793.
Parmenas Primm, born Oct. 26, 1794.
Joseph Primm, born Sept. 8, 1795.
Levi Primm, born June 11, 1797.
Aram Primm, born July 28, 1799.
Lydia Primm, born Jan. 31, 1801.
Mary Primm, born July 31, 1804.
John Primm and his wife were natives of Stafford County,
Va., and emigrated to St. Clair, County, Ill., with their family,
except the oldrest son, Wm. John Primm, who was a Captain
at Yorktown and served seven years in the Revolutionary Army.