Pringle Bible Pages

These pages were separated from the bible, so
no confirmation of the age of these pages is
available. I would guess late 18th century based
on the dates and writing conventions ("bleffings to
thofe...") and coarse handmade paper.

Accompanying this Bible page is a marriage
certificate, receipt and prescription all
from London, C.W. (Canada West, now Ontario).

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


---------TRANSCRIPT STARTS HERE-----------

[Page One -- Last page of Prophets, End of the Old Testament]

Alexander Pringle born in the year June 27th 1760

Agnes Burnet born in the year 1766

A Merandom of Children born to Alex Pringle

George Pringle born ten days befor winer fair [??]

John Pringle born in Agst 19th 1788

James Pringle born May 10 [<-??] in year 1791

Margret Pringle born bests fair [<-??] day 1793

Hanna & Gresel Pringle born in [??] Augst 19 1797

Hanna Agnes Pringle Book born in likeyear Dec 27 1818

James Pringle born May 12 in yer 1791

[Page Two -- Reverse of above, apears to have
copied entries from above]

Alexander Pringle Borne Jun 27th 1760

Agnes Burnet Borne in the year 1766

Gorge Pringle the first Borne 1786

John Pringle Borne Aug. 19 1788

James Pringle Borne May 19th 1791

Margret Pringle Borne July 18th 1793

Hannah and Grezzel Pringle Borne Augt 19 1797

Agnes Pringle Agnes Bringle D 181821

Agnes Pringle Earlston

[Page Three -- Marriage Certificate]

London C.W. 25th Dec 1845

I hereby certify that in virtue of licence
granted by His Excellency Barow Metcalfe,
Governor General of British North America,
John Pringle of the Town of London, County
of Middlesex, District of London and Province
of Canada, and Harriet Wright of the same
place, spinster, were this day [??] fully
married by me.

Wm Proudfoot Minister of the United
Associate Church London

William Clark Witness
John Bentlis [<-??] Witness

[Page Four -- Prescription]

Miss Pringle
Pheuecetin (Bayer) 36 chart v

Reverse says "Take to Wellington
Street Drug Store Corner Horton and
Wellington Streets London Ontario"

Dr. Campbell

[Page Five -- Receipt]

London en 31 March 1851
Received from Mr. John Pringle Ten Shillings
for Burying Ground in St. Andrews Churchyard
also five shillings G for the penetory [<--??]
John Michie

------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------------