Radcliff Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Philadelphia, John E. Potter, 1856. Nothing similar in

This Bible is in horrible shape. Someone butchered a
binding repair, primitively stitching about 5 stitches
about 1.5 inches from the binding. It is a shame. I
surgically removed those stiches to prevent further
damage to the pages, so the Bible is once again disbound.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Edith Augustine to Edna Halfxxd

Elizabeth Radcliff's hand and pen age 39 date 1819
[written inside a traced hand]

[Page Two -- Blank Page]

The Family Bible bought by Simon Radcliff in the year
1856 price 300 75 cents

[Page Three -- Another Blank Page]

This Bible was presented to Mrs. Andrew England by her
Aunt Mary E. Cline Denton yr 1929

This Bible was bought by Simon Radcliff yr of 1856 for
$3.75 at his deathFeb. 13 1866 Elisabeth his wife died
Oct 10th 1869. This Bible was then handed down to Melissa
Radcliff Cline-Bolt. At her death Nov. 17th 1898. It
was again handed down to her daughter Mary E. Cline-Denton
at her death it was handed down to Mrs. Edith Cline
England a niece Apr 12 1929 there for this bible. the
best we can tell is 74 yrs old this yr which is 1929
seventy four years old

[Page Four -- Marriages]

Simon Radcliff and Elizabeth Faulbee was married October
the 6th 1836

Francis M. Perryman and Louisa H. Radcliff was married
February the 9th 18563

Isaac Bolt + Matilda Radcliff was maried february the
28 1867

Louisa H. Radcliff died October the 8 1858 [scratched out]

Hiram B. Cline and Mathilda A. Radcliff was married dec
the 27 1859

Lucinda C. Radcliff and Correl F. Akers was Married February
the 7th 1861

Sarah Ann Radcliff and Henry Davis was married January the
4th 1865

Charles Timothy Radcliff and Mary Luweza Beck was married
May the 2nd 1866

[Page Five -- Births]

Simon Radcliff was born January the 4 1816

Elizabeth Radcliff was born February the 10th 1819

Louisa Hellen Radcliff was born November the 29th 1838

Matilday Adaline Radcliff was born December the 1st 1840

Lucinda Caroline Radcliff was born April the 20th 1843

Charles Timothy Radcliff was born September the 18th 1845

Sallyann Radcliff [scratched out]

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Radcliff was born May the 31st 1849

Mildred Frances Radcliff was born May the 30th 1854

Martha Jane Radcliff was born July the 5th 1856

[Page Six -- Births]

Simon Ferdenand Radcliff was born Sep the 18 1859

George Douglas Radcliff was born April the 7th 1861

Isaac Benton Bolt was born September the 1st 1840

Matilda Adaline Bolt was born December the 1 1840

Simon Alexander Cline was born October the 20th 1860

Mary Elizabeth Cline was born March the 31 1862

Lewis Crawford Bolt was born April the 23 1868

Hiram Monroe Bolt was born May the 26 1871

James Leonides Bolt was born February the 20 1874

Thomas Lorre[rest cut off] Bolt was Febu[cut off]
the 26 187[cut off]

Elias Frankling Bolt was [cut off] April the [cut off]

[Page Seven -- Deaths]

Simon Ferdenan Radcliff died January the 15 1860

Louisa H. Radcliff Died Oct the 8th 1858

Simon Radcliff died feb the 13 1866

Elizabeth Radcliff Died October the 10 1869

Sarah Ann Davis Died Nov 12 1890

Matilda A. Bolt [cut off]ed Nov 17 1898

Isaac Benton Bolt [cut off] Sep the 24 1895

Hiram R. Cline was Born April the 20 1840

Hiram Willis Denton Died March the 30 1888

Hiram R. Cline Died Sep 10 1862

Elias Franken Bolt died May the 17 1896

[Page Eight -- Blank Page]

Lewis Bolt was born february 17th 1812

Miley Bolt was born March 11th 1816

Simon Radcliff died feb the 13 1866

Elisabeth Radcliff died Oct the 10 1868

lillian Cas Bolt was born the 18 of febuary 1875

Joseph Elmer was born June the 19 1879

Martha Ann Bolt was born March the 4 1882

[Page Nine -- Inside Back Cover]

Mary E. Denton hand and pen age 36 years 1894
her grandfather's old family bible [inside an
outline of a hand]

[Page Ten -- School Grades]

Fayette County IL, Schools, Edith Cline, March 19, 1903

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------