Randall Bible

The Holy Bible, Philadelphia, William Harding, 1870.
The Bible is missing the covers and spine, and all
pages prior to the Preface including the Title Page.
The above information was taken from the New Testament
title page. The pages and signatures are in good condition.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

September 20th 1827 Smith Randall to Ann Tomlinson

[Page Two -- Births]

Joseph Randall March 3rd 1776

Esther Randall April 25th 1774

Smith Randall March 10th 1803

Anna Tomlinson March 30 1808

Sylvester Randall October 11 1828

Mary Jane Randall November 27th 1830
June 1903 [pencilled underneath]

Margaret Ann Randall June 9th 1833

Sarah E. Randall January 7th 1836

John Merritt Randall September 30th 1838

Wm. H. Randall November 16th 1840

Joseph Randall March 15th 1843

Chas. M. Randall October 4th 1845

Amos Randall April 18th 1848

George L. Randall Febuary 3th 1851

[Page Three -- Deaths]

George L. Randall September 12th 1855

Smith Randall March 23rd 1861

Sylvester Randall June 24th 1872

Sarah Elizabeth Robinson November 1st 1878

Martha H. Randall March 15th 1875

Wm. Robinson January 22nd 1890

Louisa M. Randall April 10th 1890

Mary Jane Worthington June 1903

Ann Tomlinson Randall December 28th 1905

Sarah Johnson June 26th 1876

[Page Four -- Blank Page After Deaths]

Sarah Tomlinson Feb. 23rd 1841

William Henry Tomlinson Jan. 23rd 1848


Obituary of Sarah Tomlinson, age 71, 1841

Obituary of Ann Smith, age 99, 10 months,
Oct. 16th, 1854

Obituary of Mary Atkinson, age 96

Obituary of Joseph Strickland, age 84

Poem/Obituary for Eddie Cochran, Age 13,
September 8, 1875

Poem "Mother"

Story, "The Queen of All"

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------