Rathbone Bible

These Bible scans were allowed to be posted on this
site by Ron Brack (marknron@bigfoot.com). Any
rights to this work remains with him. Tracy St. Claire
transcribed these scans.



[Page One -- Births]

Cornelius T. Rathbone was born in Lawrence County,
Illinois November the 12th A.D. 1818

Abigail Rathbone was born in Guernsey County, Ohio
March the 4th A.D. 1836

Mary E. Rathbone was born Nov. the 25th A.D. 1844
in McLein County Illinois

Napoleon B. Rathbone was born in Iowa City Johnson
County, Iowa October the 18th A.D. 1852

Hellen J. Rathbone was born December the 18th A.D.
1854 in Iowa City Johnson County Iowa

Edmand Rathbone was born in Boon County in
Boonsborow April the 23rd A.D. 1858

Claricia Rathbone was born in Boonsborow Boon
County Iowa January the 3rd A.D. 1859

Rosa Ann Rathbone was born in Linn Co Kansas
Teritory June the 9th A.D. 1861

Lovisa Rathbone was born in Linn Co Kansas November
the 30th A.D. 1863

Ida M. Rathbone was born in Linn County Kansas March
the 31st A.D. 1865

Lebbeus Gideon Rathbone was born in Linn County Kansas
April the 7th A.D. 1867

[Page Two - Births]

Cornelius Taylor Rathbone was born in Linn County
State of Kansas September the 25th 1869

Jane Rathbone was born July the 24th 1871
Greenwood County Kansas

Ernest Rathbone was born in Greenwood County, Kansas
June the 20th 1874

Kate Rathbone was born July the 26th 1876 in
Greenwood County, Kansas

Eugene Stephen Rathbone born September the 19 1878
Greenwood Co Kansas

Ida Eliza Jane Walton was born in Greenwood Co
Kansas June 30th 1874

Ada Abby Rathbone was born in Wilson County, Kansas
January the 9th 1875

Westly Elmer Walton was born February the 1st
1877 in Greenwood County Kansas

Milley Ann Rathbone was born October the 1st
1855 in Shelby Co Ill

Gracie May Rathbone was born on Nov the 24
1878 in Greenwood County Kansas

Mary Ethelin Walton was born September the 8th
1879 in Cassia County Idaho Teri

Ella Cooper was born in February the 2nd 1881
in Alturis County Idaho Terit

[Page Three -- Births]

Jack Deen was born Feb 12th 1897 in Albion
Cassia County Idaho

Wilburn Rathbone was born Nov 5th 1911 in Cassia
Co Idaho

Charles Leroy Rathbone was born Oct 12 1911
in North Fork Alberta

Cornelius Edmund Rathbone was born Dec 14th 1913
in Cassia County Idaho

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Clarrissa Rathbone died July the 5th 1863

Lovisa Rathbone died August the 25th 1864

Cornelius T. Rathbone died August the 29th 1870
Aged 11 months 4 days

Napoleon B. Rathbone died May 19th 1905 in East
Kooskia Idaho aged 53 years 7 months 1 day

Cornelius T. Rathbone died March 16th 1907 in
Idaho Co Idaho aged 88 years 4 months and 3 days

Ilda M. Rathbone died Boise Idaho October 18th 1925
Aged 60 years 6 months 10 days

Abigail Rathbone died Yakima, Yakima County,
Washington, June 20 1930 aged 94 years 3 months,
16 days

Edmund Rathbone died Boise Idaho Oct 19 1936
Aged 80 years, 5 months, 27 days

Ada A. Rathbone died Dec the 22 1875 in
Bourbin County Kansas

Ida E. F. Walton died in Greenwood County Kansas
January the 14th 1876

Jack Deen died the 2nd of June 1910 in Idaho
County Idaho

Charles Rathbone ?? ??
[Obliterated entry regarding Charles Rathbone]

Kate Rathbone Lang
Born July 26 1876
Died July 30 1942

Mrs. Rose Ann Jackson born Lin County Kansas 1861
died July 29, 1946 in Boise Idaho

[Page Five -- Marriages]

Mary E. Hamilton was maried March the 4th 1867

Helen Walton was maried May the 15th AD 1873

Napoleon B. Rathbone was maried December the
21st AD 1873 to Etta Chamberlain

Napoleon B. Rathbone was married to Milley A.
Cooper on Jan the 29th 1877

Rosa A. Rathbone was maried to Thomas Cooper
April the 7th 1880

Ilda Rathbone and Hieman Pearson was married
July 3rd 1882

Jane Rathbone and John Simon Cooper was married
May 23 1889

Citrate of Iron and strychnine quinine 100 grams
dissolved in one ounce of water dose six drops
every six hours

Katie Rathbone was married to James H. Stull
on August 23rd 1892 Spring Cr Logan County Idaho

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