Reed Bible

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William L. Showers, Murrieta, California

"I just inherited a large old Bible with a note that it was purchased in 1840.

I was disappointed that no Showers names were entered in the bible even though the bible was handed down through the Showers families. 3) According to the 1880 census both John Showers and Ebe Reed were born in Indiana, migrated to Southern Illinios and ending up in South Western Iowa, where they are both burried in a cemetery in Coin Iowa.

Notes:1) some of the entries spelled "died" as "dide".
2)Ebe Reed married my ggrandfather John A. Showers.

Hope this info will be of some use to your listings and to other users."


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Sandy Reed was Married to Susan Wilkerson Saturday, March 7th, 1840.

[Page Two -- Births]

Sandy Reed was born Saturday January 26th 1814
Susan Reed was born Wednesday April 2nd, 1817
Charles Reed was born Saturday January 9th 1841
Charity Reed was born Thursday October 21st 1842
Margaret Reed was born Wednesday August 7th 1844
Ebe Ann Reed was born Saturday October 3rd, 1846

Martha, the daughter of Sandy and Susan Reed was born Sept the 7th 1842.
Alice Ethel Reed was born Saturday Feb 18, 1865

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Charity the daughter of Sandy and Susan Reed died Sept. the 16th 1897.
Susan Reed the concort of Sandy Reed died April the 23rd 1852.
Charles Reed the son of Sandy and Susan Reed died February the 14th 1860.
Sandy Reed died July the 29th 1866.

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