Reed Bible

This Bible was transcribed from the
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
, Vol. 8, Number 1, March 1921, pp 98-99. This article
was under the category "Bible Records", even though the records were
not classified as such within the article.

All of the misspellings were in the original, including those not marked
with [sic] in the original.

This is a transcript of a transcript, so beware.

Transcribed by Tracy St. Claire,


---------Everything Below is Verbatim from Source-------------------------------------



Thos. Reed was born September 1st, 1750 at McCalls ferry on Susquehanna
River, Lancaster County, Penna.

Stella McKnight was born March 24th 1755 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Reed was born August 31st, 1773, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

William Reed was born March 10th, 1775, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Mary Reed was born April 2nd, 1777, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Reed was boen September 21st, 1779, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Anna Reed was born January 8th, 1782, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Samuel Reed was born May 11th, 1784, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Hetty H. Reed was born September 12th, 1786, Cumberland County,

Jane Reed was born Octover 4th, 1788, Shippingsburg, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Reed, Jun'r. was born April 20th, 1791, Shippingsburg, [sic]

Isabella N. Reed was born October 9th, 1793, Shippingsburg, Pennsylvania.

Susan H. Reed was born July 8th 1798, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Reed and Stella McKnight were married December 24, 1772,
Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Samuel Mercer and Mary Reed were married September 20, 1795,
Pittsburg, Penn.

Jacob Hoffa and Sarah Reed were married September 2, 1801, at
Rich Hill Farm, Allegany County.

William Brand and H.H. Reed were married November 15, 1810 at
New Orleans.

Charles Graves and Jane Reed were married July 27, 1809 at Rich
Hill, Alegany [sic] County, Pennsylvania.

Thos. Reed and Mary Patterson were married September 8th, 1814,
at Hunts Hill, Alegany County, Pennsylvania.

Henry Sweppe and Susan Reed were married June 27h, 1817, Zelianople,

Thos. Reed died on the 2nd of October 1820 at Captine Point, Ohio.

Stella Reed died on the 6th of October 1820 at Captine Point, Ohio.

Mary Mercer died on the 23rd of November 1821 at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Samuel Reed died on the 21st of May 1813 at Zelianople, Pennsylvania.

Hetty H. Brand died on the 13th of July 1820 at New Orleans.

Jane Graves died on the 23rd of August 1822, Warrenton, Mississippi.

Susan H. Sweppe died on the 9th of August, 1822, Warrenton, Mississippi.

Thomas Reed, Jun'r, died 3rd of June 1825 at the village of Cosmulwappon
in the province of New Mexico near Alvarado, Mexico.

Ann Reed died April 11th 1833, Natchez, Mississippi.

Wm. Reed died in La. about 1837, Catahoula.

Isabella N. Reed died at the residence of her Nephew Thos. Reed,
Oct. 17, 1852 in Jefferson Co., Miss.

Elizabeth Reed died at Zelianople, Penn., March 1853, Aged 80 years.

Sarah Hoffa died 1857 at Zelianople, Pa., Aged 78.

* Several of whom emigrated to the States of Mississippi and Louisiana
early in 1800.

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