Rich Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Philadelphia, Kimber and Sharpless. Someone has
handwritten 1824 on the title page, and that does
look accurate. The original binding is consistent
with early K&S Bibles (which were published between
1823 and 1842, before selling out to Jesper Harding).
It also matches the description in Hills -- with
Apocrypha and no Concordance. I would say it is a
Hills #486.

The covers are present but detached, and the
signatures are broken in three parts, including the
spine. However, the pages are all present and in
excellent shape. It could be beautifully rebound.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Jonathan Rich's Book 1869 [in light pencil]

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Jonathan Rich and Alice G. Slack were Married
December 27th A.D. 1837

John Magoffin Rich and Mary Matilda Bachman were
married January 8th A.D. 1865

Paxson Purcel and Mary K. Rich were married
February 8th A.D. 1865

James S. Rich and R. Madeline Handerson were
married November 28 A.D. 1866

William S. Rich and Stella M. Snyder were married
A.D. 1886 February 11th.

[Page Three -- Births]

Jonathan Rich was born Febuary 7th A.D. 1812

Alice G. Slack was born Febuary 27th A.D. 1815

Mary Keith Rich was born September 17th A.D. 1838

James S. Rich was born January 17th A.D. 1840

John Magoffin Rich was born October 15th A.D. 1841

Margaret Anna Rich was born September 18th A.D. 1843

William Slack Rich was born May 6th A.D. 1852

James S. son of John M. and M.M. Rich was born
September 7 A.D. 1866

Chales H. son of J.S. Rich and R.M. Rich was born
October 9th A.D. 1868

Romaine Madeline Henderson was born April 10th 1842

Timothy Pickering, son of John M. and M.M. Rich,
was born Feb. 5th 1868

Margaret Williams, daughter of James S. and R. M.
Rich, was born August 24th 1871

Clarence, son of John M., M.M. Rich, was born,
October, 1869

[Page Four -- Births]

Anthony Worthington and William Slack Rich, sons
of J. S. + R.M. Rich Born Feb 23rd 1874

Alice Torbert and Romaine Madaline Rich Daughters
of J.S. and R.M. Rich Born May 14th 1875

Paxson Pursel Born Nov. 10th 1837

Walter Pursel Born Jan. 19th 1867 Son of P. +
M.K. Pursel

[Page Five -- Deaths]

James S. son of John M. and Matilda M. Rich
died July 13 1867 aged ten months and six days.

Romaine Madaline Rich Died July 14th 1875 aged
two months

Alice Torbert Rich Died June 26th 1875 aged
Six weeks

Anthony Worthington Rich Died Octob 18th Aged
Two Years + Eight Months

Children of J.S. and R.M. Rich [written across
last three entried]

[Funeral Card]

Yourself and family are invited to attend the
funeral of
R. Madaline Rich
wife of James S. Rich, from her late residence,
44 South Clinton Street, Doylestown, Pa.,
on Tuesday, January 30th, 1912, at 10.30 o'clock,
a. m.

Born April 10th, 1842.
Died Jan. 26th, 1912.

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------