Rickards Bible

This Bible is owned by Robert Rickards. He does not wish
to be contacted.

There is little genealogy, but the Bible is old and in good shape.
"Quoted" comments are those of E.R., circa 1949.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Charles Bill
and the Executrix of Newcomb, London, 1698. New Testament is also
1698. Herbert #848

Transcribed by Tracy St. Claire, tracy@stclaire.org

------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS------------------

[Page One -- Flyleaf]


Sam'l Things "writing of Samuel III b. 1746"


""The oldest personal family relic" see notes
opposite title page and carefully preserve. E.R."

[Page Two -- Flyleaf]


Mr. Saml Rickards his Book

"(Saml Rickards, the Younger, of Pershone)"

[Page Three -- Flyleaf]


Thos. Rickards his Book God Give him Grace therein
to Look

"[written above by Samuel II]"

"Thos Rickards "his Book God Give him Grace there in
to Look""

This is the old couplet often used - compare entries
in my ancient Jefery's Family Bible E. R. "

[Page Four -- Page Opposite Title Page]

"The "take-to-chapel" Bible of Thomas Rickards,
Senior, of Westmancote, Yeoman, who settled at
Bolden in 1692 after his retirement from farming,
later joining his sons, Samuel the Older & the
Younger, at Pershone.

The writing on fly-leaf 5 is recognisable as his
grand-son's, & it is clear that his elder son Samuel
II again, used the book continuously until the death
of the latter in 1752. It will be seen that it is
well "thumb-squeezed". Thereafter it was well
scribbled in, in fly-leaf, by Thomas's great-
grandsons, then children. Thereafter it was "lost",
until sent me by Mr. P. G. Feek, of Pershone,
who found it among his books, in December 1949. E.R.

----------------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------------------