Roberts Bible

Butler's Edition. The Holy Bible Containing the
Old and New Testaments. Philadelphia, Published
by E. H. Butler & Co. 1855.

This Bible was transcribed by and is in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire,

LDS places the marriage of Charles Roberts
and Eleanor Chenery in Westbrook, Cumberland, ME
on April 8, 1832. This Bible was purchased in Maine.


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[Page One, Marriages]


[Page Two, Births]

Children of Charles Roberts and Eleanor Johnson Chenery
[written in a later hand]

Frances E. Roberts Born Feby 20, 1833

Marietta Roberts Born Mar. 27, 1835

John Born Oct. 21, 1837

Annie R. " Oct. 4, 1840

William " Mar. 29, 1843

Charley [Corrected to Charles] " July 27, 1848

Eddie " May 28, 1853

[Page Three, Deaths]

Eddie Died Dec. 3, 1858 aged five years 6 mos.

Marietta died May 17, 1871

[Page Four, Remarks]


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