Robinson Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society, 1845.

This Bible is in good condition, everything complete and
firmly intact. There is a good amount of foxing.

There is some ephemera, including a photograph of Wm.
Crosby, apparently a former Governor of Maine. It is
unclear here how he and his wife, whose obituary is
included, are related to this family.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Inside Front Cover -- Obituary]

In Boston, Jan. 24th, Mrs. Ann M., widow of the late ex-Gov.
Crosby, of Belfast, aged 70 years and 24 days.

[Page One -- Front Flyleaf Inscription]

David Robison Book Bought November 1845 Belfast Me

[Page Two -- Marriages]

David Robinson
Ann Sconse
In Ireland
about 1831

[Page Three -- Births]

Jane Robison Born December 15 1833

William A Robison Born April 2nd 1835

David Robison Born May 6 1837

George Rofs Robison Born August 7 1839

Benfeman Robison Born Septemb 3 1841

James Henry Robison Born October 2 1843

M. Elizabeth Robinson Born Nov 28, 1845

Ann Sconse Robinson 2-2-1810

David Robinson

Ellen Crowell Robinson Born in Ellsworth Maine
Feb 15-18 1849 [1949 overwritten?]

[Page Four -- Deaths]

David Robinson died Oct 15 1846

Mary Elizabeth Robinson died December 26 1848

William A. Robinson Died Aug 9th 1878

James H. Robinson Died Aug. 16th 1901

Ann Robinson Died July 10 1902 [1904 overwritten]

David Robinson Nov. 28 1846

Ben Robinson ---- 1916
Ellen Crowell Robinson ---3-10-07

Thomas Crowell 2-3-1896

John Crowell

Ross Womock?
Jinnie Sconse Womock

[Page Five -- Obituary Pasted to Inside Back Cover]

The relatives of Augustus H. Robinson of this city received a letter
Tuesday informing them that he died of yellow fever on the 9th of
last August at the Port of Babia or St. Salvador, Brazil. Mr. Robinson
was only 24 and a half years of age but he had worked his way up
in his vocation until he had become the first mate of a large ship, the
Little Willie owned by a German in Callao, Peru, but flying the Costa
Rica flag. The ship, guano loaded, while on a passage from Callao
to Hamburg, lost her rudder and sprung a leak in a hurricane; she
went into the Port of Bahia for repairs in the latter part of June, and
remained there two months. It was very sickly in that port at the time.
Mr. Robinson was a young man of remarkable energy, and of
unimpeachable integrity. His untimely death is a sad blow to his
relatives here, and is deeply deplored by a wide circle of friends who
knew him well and who esteemed him highly. 1878 [date handwritten]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------