Robinson Family Record Sampler


This is a family sampler from the Robinson Family of Massachusetts. Its present wherabouts are
unknown. Transcribed by Tracy St. Claire.


Below this line, verbatim from source.


Family Register

William Robinson was born in Northborough Dec. 7th 1779.
Jane Bourn was born in Cohasset June 9th 1787.
Were married April 19th 1804.

Their Children.
Jane Doane was born in Cohasset Feb. 1st 1805.
Susan Bourne was born in Boston Feb. 24th 1807.
William Jr. was born in Boston June 11th 1809.
Thaddeus was born in Oakham Dec. 23rd 1811.

Catharine was born in Oakham Sept. 14th 1814.
Eliza Ann was born in Oakham Jan. 29th 1817.
John was born in Oakham Jan. 4th 1820.
Thomas Bourne Jr. was born in Oakham March 7th 1823.

Wrought by Catherine Robinson AD 1826
Miss E. Leonard Inst.