Royer Bible

This page was separated from a Bible, so the location
& age of these entries are unknown. It was purchased from
a dealer in PA.

The "Family Register" heading is in German, "Familien Regifter".
I assume this was a German family.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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Henry D. Royer ans Savanna Mumma united in Marriage
October 16th 1870

Henry D. Royer and Catherine Shirk were united in Marriage
the 31th of December 1872

Henry D. Royer and Fannie Eberly were united in Marriage July
31th 1892

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Savana Royer Died the 10th Day of december 1871

Cathrine Royer Died the 28th Day of Aprile 1891

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Henry D. Royer Was born the 5 day of July 1850

Savana Royer Was born the 18th day of July 1846

Cathrine Royer Was born the 10th day of Aprile 1853

John M. Royer Was born the 26th day of November 1871

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Fannie Royer Was born Sept 13th year 1866

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