Sanborn Bible

This Bible was purchased on eBay. I am not
related to the family. It appears that the
direct family line has died out -- the couple
had just one son, Hiram, whose two children did
not reproduce. However, there is a lot of
information here about the Sanborn and Livingston
families of NH and VT.

This Bible is in good shape. Cover attached by
two cords. All pages appear to be present.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
American Bible Society, New York, Published by T. Mason
and G. Lane, 1837. Hills #970

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,



[Page One -- Marriages]

William H. Sanborn and Martha L. Livingstone was married
March 20th 1833

[Page Two -- Births]

William H. Sanborn
September 15, 1808

Martha L. Livingstone
January 25th, 1811

Hiram Augustus Sanborn
February 20th 1834

[Page Three -- Births]

Matthew Livingston
Feb. 3d 1774

Martha Livingston
Feb 14th 1774

Silvia Livingston
March 30th 1771 [1791?]

Wheaton Livingston
March 30th 1795

Sophronia Livingston
April 8th 1797

Laura Livingston
August 25th 1799

Orphenia Livingston
Sept. 15th 1805

Samuel W. Livingston
Nov. 20th 1808

Alsena M. Livingston
May 15th 1816

Alsena (Livingston) Harlow Died
January 2, 1885

David Sanborn
Feb. 4th 1778

Mary Sanborn
Sept 2d 1784

Elvira Sanborn
Aug 20th 1803

Hiram Sanborn
Nov. 28 1805

Mary Sanborn
Dec 19th 1810

Augustus Sanborn
Feb 20 1813

Trustram Sanborn
Feb 22d 1815

Harvey Sanborn
Aug 17 1817

Martha Sanborn
July 7th 1820

John D. Sanborn
July 11th 1822

Jane Sanborn
Nov 8th 1825

David Sanborn Jr
Feb 3d 1829

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Hiram Sanborn
Nov. 13th 1813

Trustram Sanborn
May 9th 1865

David Sanborn
August 3 1854

Mary Sanborn
Nov 26 1857

Mary Sanborn
June 22 1866

Elvira Gofs [??] Sanborn
Aug 9 1869

Jane Harriman Sanborn
Died Feb 1879

Harvey Sanborn
Oct 11th 1889

Martha S. Sanborn
Feb 2d 1891

William H. Sanborn
Aug 5th 1895

Hannah S. Sanborn Died
April 22d 1878

Charlie Harlow Sanborn
Apr. 28 1874

Mary Frances Sanborn
Apr 13th 1889

Alsena Harlow
Jan 2d 1885

Matthew Livingston
May 14 1865 Age 91

Sophronia Walker
Died March 14 1879 Aged 82

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