Schaffter Bible

New York, American Bible Society, 1854.

There are several different handwritings on these
pages. There are some comments written in pencil
that I have enclosed in brackets.

There is a calling card inside this Bible, of "Mr. and Mrs.
W. D. Kerwen". There is also a lock of hair. My scanner
did not pick up the color of this correctly. It is medium

There are some inconsistent spellings here, but they are
in the original.

Transcribed by and currently in the possession of
Tracy St. Claire, .


--------------Transcript Starts Here----------------------

[Page One, Births, Blank]

[Page Two, Deaths]

Adulph Schaffter Died at Chicago, Ill March 21st 1885
Aged 2 yrs 9 mos and 29 da 3626 Dearborn St.

Charles Eugene Schaffter Died at Champaign, Ill,
May 24th, 1886 Aged 3 mos and 15 days

Maximilian Schafter Died at Champaign July 15th 1886
Aged 29 yrs 2 mos 5 da

Rose Victoria Schaffter Died at Chicago, Ill
Dec. 11th 1884 Aged 65 yrs. 10 mos and 24 da


[Page Three, Marriages]

Charles Emile Schaffter To Rose Victoiro Erismann
May 6th 1866 at New York [Mom Po's grandparents]

Thomas Payne to Aurelia Schaffter January 20. 1878.
at Paxton, Ill [Mom Po's parents]

Maximilian Schaffter To Carrie Carden Sep. 12 1881
At Danville, Ill


[Page Four, Births]

Charles Emile Schaffter Born at Moutier Grand Val
Switzerland (??? Hard to Read) May 9th 1829
[Father of Aurelia]

Charles Maximilian Schaffter Born at Covington, Indiana
May 10th 1857 [Bro of Aurelia]

Adulph Schaffter Born at Chicago, Ill June 22nd
1882 3948 State Street

Charles Eugene Schaffter Born at Chicago, Ill
Feb 9th 1886 4240 Evans Ave

Rose Victoiro Erismann [Ehresman] Born at
Sanaro France January 17th 1819 [mother of

Aurelia Schaffter Born at Covington, Indiana
August 29th 1858 [Mom Po's mother]


[Page Five, Loose Page Inserted Into Bible]


Chas. Emile Shaffter to Rose Victoire Erismann
May 6th 1856 at New York

Thomas Payne to Aurelie Schaffter January 20th
1878 at Paxton

Maximillian Schaffter to Carrie Harden - Sept. 12th
1881 at Danville