Searle Bible Records

This page was removed from a Bible before I got
it. There is no information about the Bible it
came from. There is significant foxing, and the
writing and ink look early to mid-19th century.
There may have been other pages with this which
have disappeared.

This Bible page is currently in the possession
of Tracy St. Claire, .


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Thomas C. Searle and Annette Woodward were married
in Hanover, N.H. Sept. 12 1816

Thomas S. Searle and Mary A. Moore were married in
Stouchsburg, Pa., Oct. 23. 1848

Samuel M. Searle + K. Ella Klopp were married in
Camden, N.J. Oct. 28. 1886

[Page Two -- Births]

Thomas Coleman Searle was born in Byfield parish,
town of Kowley, County of Essex State of
Massachusetts -- January 15. 1787. Should it please
God he be suddenly deprived of either reason or life,
his parents, Joseph and Mary Searle may be addressed
in his place of Nativity.

Annette Woodward was born August 3, 1791,
at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.

Mary A. Moore was born at Stouchsburg, Pa.
Nov. 21, 1818

Sarah Smith Searle at Rockville, Maryland was born
Nov. 19 [?] 1818

Samuel Miller Searle born August 26, 1820, at Madison,
Pa [? or Ia]

Agreeable to the request of his mother his name was
changed by the legislature of Mafs. to Thomas
Samuel Searle

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