Shaw Bible

This Bible was submitted by Shelley.

I've "rescued" an old family bible which appears to have originally belonged to Robert Watson SHAW and his wife Emma Matilda BRADFORD SHAW.

I'm hoping to locate someone from the family so that the bible can be returned to them.


The bible contains the following family records and other items:


Bible belonging to:
Robert Watson SHAW
Dated May 27th 1865

· Robert W. SHAW intermarried with Emma Matilda BRADFORD, October 22nd 1844
· David Sterrett WHARTON intermarried with Kate Watson SHAW, December 20th 1877
· Zachary T. STINE intermarried with Emma Matilda B. SHAW, March 9th 1882
· John Franklin SHAW intermarried with Terrisa Catharine DUFUR, August 24th 1882

· Robert Watson SHAW born November 19th 1821
· Emma Matilda BRADFORD born March 11th 1821
· Eliza Meclen SHAW born July 21st 1845
· Joseph Ball Bradford SHAW born September 26th 1846
· Kate Watson SHAW born November 10th 1848
· Emma Matilda Bradford SHAW born October 15th 1850
· Robert Watson SHAW born September 23rd 1852
· William Charles SHAW born January 6th 1855
· Ella Meclen SHAW born March 11th 1857
· Ettie McCalla SHAW born July 25th 1859
· John Franklin SHAW born April 4th 1861
· Robert Shaw WHARTON born April 18th 1880
· Charles Franklin WHARTON born March 22nd 1882
· Joseph Harrison SHAW born October 16th 1882
· Z.T. STINE born February 1st 1883
· Joseph Ball Bradford WHARTON born February 24th 1885

· Eliza Meclen SHAW died August 25th 1845
· Ettie McCalla SHAW died August 9th 1860
· Eliza Meclen PARENT died April 15th 1864
· Joseph Ball Bradford SHAW died March 21st 1865
· Robert Watson SHAW died December 23rd 1865
· Robert Watson SHAW Sr. died April 4th 1876
· Kate W. SHAW WHARTON died November 5th 1892
· Emma Matilda Bradford SHAW died April 24th 1896
· Zachary Taylor STINE died June 17th 1896
· Charles William SHAW died October 20th 1920
· Emma M.B. STINE died April 1st 1927
· Ella M. SHAW died April 24th 1942

Other Items:
· Piece of lined paper
· Piece of brown perforated paper like that used for needlepoint bookmarks
· Sunday School lesson 26
· Paper dollies covered with roses
· Note “Christmas Gift to Mother from Frank”
· Gold embossed floral card
· length of black lace trim
· Piece of Cream colored silk
· lock of light brown hair