Sisson Bible

SISSON Family Bible

Submitted by

David Arne Sisson, 467 Eastbrooke Lane, Rochester, NY 14618-5201 from a
Bible held by him and originally owned by Elizabeth (Chappel) Sisson, and
handed down to her son William Sisson, to his son William Henry Sisson, to
his son William Gale Sisson, to his son William Gavitt Sisson, to his sister
Frances (Sisson) Williams, to her cousin Frederic Gale Sisson, to his son
David Arne Sisson.

List of surnames appearing in the Bible transcript:


[This is a transcript of a SISSON FAMILY BIBLE first owned by Elizabeth
(Chappel) Sisson about 1790 and continued by her son William Sisson about 1845]

[The New Testament title page says that the Bible was published in] Edinburgh
by the "Assigns of Alexander Kincaid, His Majesty's Printer, in MDCCLXXXV [1785].

[Inside the front cover appears] Wm Sisson, Lyons [Wayne County, New York] 1845.

[The Old Testament title page, Genesis, and almost all of Exodus are missing.
About fifty new leaves were bound in to replace the missing pages. On the
first four of these new pages, William Sisson explains:]

This is the remains of an old Bible, which belonged to my Mother, in her life
time, given to me many years after her decease, by my Father, which I have caused
to be re-bound, since his decease, as a token of my most sincere respect and
filial regard, for both of them. To be retained by me and in my family as a
memorial of them.

On a leaf next preceding the first Chap. of the Book of Matthew, will be found
in the hand writing of my Father a record of the births of all his children,
which I here transcribe, for the purpose of a more certain preservation, lest
the old leaf, containing the same, should be accidentally torn out, or otherwise
destroyed or defaced, it now being old and tender. Which Record is in the words
and figures following, Viz:



"William Sisson was born

"November the -12- 1787"


"Elizabeth Sisson was Born

"July -- 22 -- 1789"


"Hannah Burdick Sisson

"was Born April the 4 - 1796"

"New York

Bloomy Chappel

Sisson was Born April

14. 18011 [1811] and Died

"September the 6. 18011 [1811]"

Wm. Sisson

Done at Lyons March 1845

Elisha Sisson (Father of William, Elizabeth, Hannah & Bloomy, the children
named on the preceding leaf) was Born at Westerly, Bristol County, Rhode
Island, December 18th, 1763.

Elizabeth Chappel (mother) was born at Hebron (Andover Parish) Tolland
County, Connecticut, April 1, 1763. They were married at Hebron aforesaid
May 25, 1786.

The parents of Elisha Sisson were Nathan Sisson & (Mother) Hannah Burdick,
born in Westerly, Rhode Island.

The parents of Elizabeth Chappel were Jonathan Chappel of Hebron, Connecticut
& Remembrance Perry of same place. Her stepmother's name was Daggett.

Grandfather Jonathan Chappel was born, lived, & died at Hebron Conn. At a
very advanced age (on one farm).

Grandfather Nathan Sisson & his wife removed at an early day to Wilbraham
Massachusetts, where they lived & died at advanced ages, they died nearly
at the same time & were buried together in one and the same grave.

My father Elisha Sisson lived, at Wilbraham Mass., Barre, Vt, Scipio, Cayuga
County, N.Y., Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y., Lyons, Sodus & then again at
Lyons. He died on my farm in Lyons April 23, 1844, was interred on the 24th
in the cemetery near John Smith's in Lyons, N.Y.

Capt. Elisha Sisson died Tuesday 23rd April 1844, 6 am at WS. Farm & buried
in the cemetery near John Smith's Wed. 24 April 1844. Funeral sermon preached
by Revd. Mr. Shaw, a Methodist clergyman.

My mother Elizabeth Sisson died in Lyons March 8, 1826, aged 62 years 11
months & 7 days, & her remains were interred in the cemetery of the Presbyterian
church, in the Village of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. March 10, 1826. On her
coffin was a silver plate with this inscription engraven thereon:

"Mrs. E. Sisson, died March 8, 1826 Aged 62 years"

Her funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Lucas Hubbell from 12 Chap.
Ecclesiastes, latter part of Verse 5 "because man goeth to his long home,
and the mourners go about the streets."

Wm. Sisson

William Sisson was born in Connecticut Nov 12 17-87 (1787).

Betsey G. Sisson late Betsey Gale was born June 16 - 17-91 (1791).

Wm Henry Sisson, son of Wm. & Betsey born March 18, 1815.

Elizabeth Sisson daughter of Wm & Betsey was born Oct 26, 1818.

Elizabeth Sisson died Oct 26th 1852.

George Elisha Sisson son of Wm & Betsey born April 2, 1820.

Thomas Drury Gale Sisson son of Wm & Betsey Sisson born Dec 9, 1822.

Augustus Chapel Sisson son of Wm & Betsey born Nov 5, 1824.

Augustus Chapel Sisson died June 8 AD 1825.

Louisa Park Sisson wife of George E. Sisson born Feb 2, 1819.

Francis Elizabeth Sisson daughter of George E. Sisson born Oct 8, 1845.

Caroline Sisson daughter of G.E. and Louisa Sisson born Oct 23, 1849.

Harriet A. Sisson daughter of G.E. and Louisa Sisson born Feb 1st, 1855.

Maud Louisa Lewis daughter of Caroline and Isaac N. Lewis born Aug 4, 1872.
Married Harold Eddrett.

Wm Sisson Lewis son of Caroline & Isaac Lewis born July 13, 1873.

Maggie Lewis daughter of Caroline & Isaac N. Lewis born Apr 8, 1876.

William Sisson and Betsey Gale married Feb 27, 1814 at Scipio, New York.

George E. Sisson son of Wm & Betsey Sisson married Oct 16, 1844.

George Elisha Sisson son William & Betsey Married to Louisa Parke at
Lyons NY Oct 16 1844

Elizabeth Sisson daughter of Wm & Betsey Sisson married Doc Levi C.
Hillman at Lyons June 9, 1846.

Wm Henry Sisson son of Wm & Betsey Sisson married to Harriet Arne at
Auburn, N.Y., June 22, 1847.

William Sisson was married to Caroline C. Deitz (2nd wife) at Lyons April 18, 1849.

Wm Gale Sisson son of Wm Henry and Harriet A. Sisson born April 19, 1852.

Frank Monroe/Munro Sisson son of Wm H. and Harriet born 1853. [This date is
noted elsewhere as 27 June 1855. Both spellings of Munroe/Munro appear, in
different hands. Munro, so spelled, was the surname of Frank's mother's
mother, Polly Munro Arne.]

Cynthia Adelaide (Addie) Sisson daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet Sisson born Sept.
3rd, 1857.

Mary Elizabeth Sisson daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet born 1859.

William Gale Sisson son of Wm H. And Harriet Sisson married to Hattie Arne Dewey.

Frank Monroe/Munro Sisson son of Wm H. & Harriet A. Sisson married to Emma Leach.

Addie/Cynthia Adelaide Sisson (daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet A. Sisson) married
to Thomas J. Stevens.

Mary Elizabeth Sisson daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet A. Sisson married to
Frederick J. Haseltine at Elbridge N.Y. June 1897.

Born to

Wm G. and Hattie A. Sisson a daughter Fanny [emended to:] Frances Arne Sisson
born Aug 15, 1876.

Wm Gavitt Sisson son of Wm G. And Hattie A. Sisson born Jan 28, 1878.

Frances Arne Sisson and Charles P. Williams married Dec 11th, 1901, at
Presbyterian Church, Lyons, N.Y. by Rev. Wm. H. Williams.

Born to above:

Ellen S. Williams Nov 29th, 1902.

Clara Knyphen Williams Jany 10, 1905.

Ellen Susan Williams married David Edward Stottler May 15, 1923. He died
25 Oct 1935. No issue.

Ellen Susan Williams Stottler married John Beauchamp Gordon-Duff 9 Nov 1937.

Archibald Charles b. & d. 5 Aug 1939 & Frances Elisabeth b. 24 Oct 1940
(Cardiff, Wales) bap. Forgue, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1 Dec 1940.

Clara Knyphen Williams married Henry Osborne MacCabe Merewether, Grace
Church, Lyons, N.Y. 11 April 1939. Issue: Susan Ashley Merewether, b. 26
September 1940 (London, England) bap. 1 Dec 1940 (Forgue, Scotland).

Mary Arne Sisson (daughter of Frank Munro and Emma L. Sisson) born April 5, 1882.

Louise Emma (daughter of Frank Munro and Emma Louise Sisson) born April 22, 1883.
Died Dec 29, 1899.

Frank Munro Sisson (son of F.M. and Emma L. Sisson) born March 21, 1885.

Max Augustus Sisson son of F.M. Sisson and Emma, July 2, 1887.

Lillian Adelaide May 11, 1890. Died Aug 7, 1890.

Frederick Gale Sisson (son of F.M. and Emma) born Aug 29, 1893.

John Whitman Sisson born May 12, 1900, died Aug 18, 1934. Married Mary
Kingsland-Smith March 20, 1928.

Cynthia Adelaide Sisson Stevens had two children, a daughter Harriet and
one son: Harriet Aug 7th, 1881, Thos. Jefferson Stevens b. Jan 24, 1884,
died Oct 1918. Married Lee Hughes, 2 children -- Harry Lee, Polly Arne.

Frederick Haseltine son of Frederick J. Haseltine and Elizabeth Sisson
Haseltine, born 1900 m. (1) ?, divorced; m. (2) ?, has ?2 children [later
a third child.]


William Sisson died Dec 7, 1863, aged 76 years, 26 days. His last words "Now
I'll sleep."

Betsey Gale Sisson wife of Wm Sisson died March 21, 1847, aged 55, 9 mos,
5 days, at Lyons.

[On an envelope, postmarked 1902, addressed to Mr. F.A. Tanner:] Betsey
Gale wife of Wm Sisson died March 21, 1847 aged 55 & 9 month and 5 days,
Hon. Wm Sisson died Dec 7, 1863 aged 76 y 26 days, his last words: Now
I'll sleep."

[Another note:]

"Mother died March 21st 1847 in her 55 year."

[The reverse of this latter note:]

Caroline Deats my Farther 2 wife born Feb 1815.

Elizabeth H. Sisson Hillman (daughter of Wm & Betsey Sisson) died Oct 26,
1852 at Lyons, aged 34 years. Interred at the foot of her brother Drury's grave.

Augustus Chapel Sisson died June 8, 1825, aged 7 mo, 3 days.

Thomas Drury Gale Sisson died Feb 17, 1844, aged 21 years, 2 mo, & 8 days, at
Lyons, N.Y.

[On an envelope postmarked "NEW YORK, N.Y. STA/ 10:30 PM/ SEP 8 1902" and
addressed to "Mr. F.A. Tanner, Cashier,/ Bank of Lyons, Lyons, N.Y." appears
the words engraved on Thomas Drury Gale Sisson's grave marker:]

T. Drury Gale son of Wm and Betsey G. Sisson aged 21 years 2 months and 8 days.
He was Fair and on his open brow truth and virtue had their seal. None spoke
of him but to praise, None knew him but to love. Born at Lyons N.Y. Dec 9, 1822.

William Henry Sisson son of Wm and Betsey G. died March 20, 1859 aged 44
years 2 days. Interred on the lot next east of the one where Drury is entered.

George Elisha Sisson son of Wm and Betsey G. died March 25, 1884, aged 63
years, 11 mo, 25 days, interred in the lot next west of his father's.

Louisa Parke Sisson (wife of George E. Sisson) died April 14, 1882, aged 63,
2 mo, 12 days, interred beside her husband.

Frances Elizabeth Sisson (daughter of G.E. and Louisa Sisson) died May 12,
1849, aged 3 years, 8 mo, & 4 days, interred in the lot east of Father Sisson.

Elizabeth J. Sisson daughter of Wm and Betsey Sisson and wife of Dr. L.C.
Hillman, born Oct 26, 1818, died Oct 26, 1852.

Drurietta Clara daughter of Dr. L.C. Hillman and Elizabeth Sisson Hillman,
died May 28, aged 10 months 5 days.

[On the reverse of the 1902 envelope appear the following quotation from
Elizabeth J. Sisson's grave stone: ]Elizabeth J. Sisson, wife of Dr. L.C.
Hillman, born Oct 26, 1818, died Oct 26, 1852, also their daughter Drurietta
Clara died May 28, aged 10 m, 5 days. Death claimed the lovely Flower nor
spared the tender bud.

Harriet A. Tanner died at Lyons, N.Y., Mar 19, 1911, Sunday, age 56 years,
1 mo, 18 days.

Caroline C. Deitz Sisson, 2nd wife of Wm Sisson, died March 7, 1892, aged
77, interred at the foot of Wm. Sisson.

Harriet A. Sisson and Frank Augustus Tanner, June 20, 1883.

Caroline Sisson and Isaac Newton Lewis married Aug 1, 1871.

Janet M. Lewis and Frank Smith married.

Wm Lewis Smith born Feb 27, 1901.

Helen Frances Smith born May 13, 1907.

Children of Frank Munro Sisson and Emma Leach Sisson [:]

Mary Arne [Sisson] married to Gilbert McDowell, Sept 11, 1905, Lyons, N.Y.
Children: Gilbert

Sisson McDowell April 6, 1909, Russell Gale McDowell June 28, 1911.

Frank Munroe [Sisson] born March 21, 1885, married Stella O. Webb, May 7,
1922, adopted child, born Dec 25, 1923, named George Munro, adopted Jan 1929.

Max Augustus [Sisson] , born July 21, 1887, married June 1, 1911, Kathryn
Justine Tubridy, Rochester, N.Y., born Feb 7, 1888.

Max Augustus [Sisson] born May 7, 1912, Syracuse, N.Y.

Thomas Gale [Sisson] born Nov 14, 1914, Mexico, N.Y.

Marjory Justine [Sisson] born Feb 17, 1916, Mexico, N.Y.

Frederic Gale [Sisson] born Aug 29, 1893, Lyons, N.Y., married in Dowagiac,
Mich., Dec 28, 1921, LaVerne Rutherford, b. June 13, 1900. Children: David
Arne [Sisson] , born Mar 24, 1934, Detroit, Mich.