Skinner Family Record

This family record is a copy of a Bible record, I expect. It was
carried around and looks like those presented for Revolutionary
War pensions and land claims. The name "Calvin Skinner" is
at the bottom and "Woodstock" is written across the side.
Calvin Skinner is a Revolutionary War Veteran from Woodstock,
Connecticut, who marched with George Washington.

This paper is in good condition although the reverse is fading.
The front is all one handwriting, last date 1767, and the reverse is
another handwriting, ending in 1813.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire.



[Front Side -- Side says "Woodstock", bottom says "Calvin Skinner"]

William Skinner was born July 16th 1720

Thankful Skinner was born June 23rd 1721

Calvin Skinner was born October 5th 1740 Sunday

William Skinner was born February 24 1745

Bethesda Skinner was born April 5th 1749

Thankful Skinner born July 2nd 1751

Sabra Skinner born June 30th 1752

Sabra Skinner born June 7th 1754

Tabitha Skinner born May 28 1756

Frances Skinner born October 21st 1757

Isaac Skinner born July 24th 1759

Luther Skinner born October [?]th 1760

Ebenezer Skinner born May 24 1762

[Reverse -- Bottom says "Ebenezer Skinner" and "Woodstock"]

William Skinner died Jan 30th 1807 Aged 87

Thankful Skinner died April 16th 1805

Calvin Skinner died

Bethesda Skinner died

Fanny Skinner died May 21th 1813