Smith Bible

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James Balanyne.

"The following is a copy of the information taken from a Bible belonging
to Richard Smith and Eliza Glassford who raised their family in
Artemisia Twp, Grey county, Ontario. One of their children was my
wife's Grandmother. I trust it will be of some help to someone."


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Richard Smith & Eliza Jane Glassford - married 2 March 1854 by Rev. M


John Glassford Smith - 3 Sept. 1865

C. F. Smith - 2 Sept. 1865 age 1 month

Thomas Smith 31 July 1878 (11 yrs 11 mon)

Newton Albert Smith 11 May 1891 (22 years)

Eliza Jane Smith 26 Mar 1895 (52 years)

William Henry Smith 22 Apr 1904 (40years)

Richard Smith 9 Oct 1914 (88 years 2 mon)


Richard Smith 21 August 1826 Albion
Eliza Jane Smith 29 May 1833 Streetsville
Mary Anne Smith 28 Jan 1855 Artimesia ? Baptized by Rev Mr. Culbert
John Glassford Smith 16 August 1856 Artimesia Baptized by Rev Mr. Kerr
Richard Ross Smith 1 July 1858 Artimesia Baptized by Rev Mr. Hill
Harriet Jane Smith 31 July 1860 Artemisia Baptized by Rev Mr. Campbell
William Henry Smith 9 April 1863 Artimesia Baptised by Rev Mr. Walker
CF Smith August 1 1865 Artemisia
Thomas Smith Aug 31 1866 Baptized by Rev Mr. Gavin Primative
Newton Albert Smith June 2 1869 Baptized by Rev Mr. Robinson Primative
Emily Matilda Smith July 23 1871 Baptized by Rev Mr. Lee Primative
Sarah Bertha Smith 10 April 1874 Baptized By Rev Mr. Watson Primative
Eliza Sherrand Smith 10 April 1877 Baptized By Rev Mr. Newton Primative
Georgina Maude Smith 14 Feb 1880

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