Smith Bible

This page was separated from the Bible, so the age is
unknown. There is also no indication of the location of
these entries, although they were found in PA.

There is just a single sheet of entries.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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William Smith
Born March 3d 1837

Catharine E. Smith m. n. Stark
Born May 1st 1834
Bapt. Aug. 3d 1835

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Samuel Harry Smith
Born September 7th 1860
Baptized October 14th 1860
by Bishop Peter Walle

Charles Andrew Smith
Born May 8th 1862
Baptized August 17th 1862
by Rev. Edm. de Schweinitz

Martha Elizabeth Smith
Born July 20th 1864
Bapt. August 28th 1864
by Rev. E. de Schweinitz

Albert Emmanuel Smith
Born March 4th 1867
Baptized April 28th 1867
by Lewis F. Kampmann

William Augustus Smith
Born September 9th 1868
Bapt. November 8th 1868
by Edw. T. Kluge

James Monroe Smith
Born March 21st 1871
Bapt. May 14th 1871
by Edw. T. Kluge

George Edward Smith
Born March 28th 1874
Baptized May 10. 1874
by Edw. T. Kluge

Catharine Louisa Smith
Born January 31. 1876
Baptized May 14th 1876
by Edw. T. Kluge

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